Introduction: Beat the Computer in Tecmo Baseball

This is an easy way to strike out the computer almost every time.

Step 1: Get Ready to Win.

Make sure you're pitching, because this is an instructable on how to pitch against the computer.

Step 2: Throw a High, Slow Pitch.

For this to happen, hold down on the d-pad, press A, then quickly hold up on the d-pad. The computer rarely swings at it, or they just miss.

Step 3: Throw a Fast, Low Pitch.

To throw this pitch, hold up on the d-pad, press A, and quickly hold down. The picture shows the batter swinging at it, but the computer won't usually try for this one.

Step 4: Repeat Step 2

It should work the same as before.

Step 5: YAY!

Now you can go on and win at Tecmo Baseball. I do not recommend throwing a pitch down the middle, because the computer almost always hits those. But hey, you're a winner now!

Here are some things to consider:
1. When you throw the high pitch, there is a good chance that the computer will hit a pop fly, some of these are easy to catch, but not all of them.
2. If the computer hits the low pitch, it is usually pretty easy to get them out, because it will be a ground ball.
3. It will not be the same every time. I strike out the computer more in some games than I do in others even when I use this same method.


P.S: I do not use emulators to play NES games, these were just the easiest pictures to use.