Introduction: Beats Ball

Want to make a ball that plays music while you bounce it? Follow my instructions to create a fun ball that lets you listen to music without headphones!

Step 1: Gathering Materials

Gather your materials:


Blue Tooth Speaker

Piece of pipe


Small piece of fabric


Step 2: Cutting a Hole and Adding the Pipe

Trace around your piece of pipe and then carefully cut a hole in your basketball. I used a screwdriver to make a hole and then used scissors to cut the rest of the hole. Insert the pipe into your basketball and carefully tape around the entire pipe. Make sure no air can get through the tape.

Step 3: Setting Up the Speaker

Carefully slide your speaker into the pipe. I added a piece of foam at the bottom to protect the speaker. Now cut out a piece of fabric to cover the hole. Put 3 piece of velcro around the ball and then attach to the fabric.

Step 4: Connect the Speaker to Bluetooth

Slide the speaker out of the ball and turn it to bluetooth. Sync your device with the speaker and then put it back in the ball. Air up your ball and your finished!

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