Introduction: Beats_by_DiannaMeza_and_JacobPlacensia


Copper coil [Purchase at Frys electronics or from Amazon] (2meter)- medium sound
2 sets of Alligator clips (optional)
Plastic cup
2 magnets
Aux cord
Paper napkin
Sand paper
Glue stick
Sticky note
Phone(Music source)
Electric tape
Wire cutters
(You can purchase most materials at Radio Shack)

Step 1: First Get Your Copper Wire

You need copper coil so that the sound waves could travel easily.

Step 2: Use Your Wire Cutters to Cut the Coil to the Length You Prefer.

Wire cutters are important because you need them to cut the wire easily.

Step 3: Obtain Your Glue Stick and Wrap the Coil As Many Times As You’d Like.

You use this to wrap the copper coil and it is easy to remove from the glue stick. We wrapped the coil 30 times because we didn't want too many nor too little.

Step 4: Measure Your Coil in Meters.

You must measure your coil so that you won't have too much or too less. We used 2 meters of coil so we can have a good amount of wire left over to wrap around the aux cord.

Step 5: Once You Finish Coiling, Remove the Coils Carefully From the Glue Stick and Tape the Coils Together.

This prevents the coil from moving and getting unwrapped.

Step 6: Sand the Loose Ends of the Coiled Copper Wire, Until the Ends Are Full Copper.

You need to sand the tips because the red coating acts as a resistance and the sound won't be able to travel well.

Step 7: Once You Finish Sanding the Ends of the Coiled Copper Wire, Tape It to the Bottom of the Cup With Electric Tape.

The electric tape doesn't stop the sound from traveling. This keeps the coil in place.

Step 8: Then, Place One Magnet in the Center of the Coil at the Bottom of the Cup

The magnet is used to create a magnetic field which makes the coil vibrate. This is what produces sound.

Step 9: Make Sure That the Coil and the Magnets Aren't Touching.

If they are touching, the magnetic field work flow properly.

Step 10: Then, You Can Connect One End of the Sanded Copper Wire to an Alligator Clip and Connect the Other Side of the Sanded Copper Wire to a Different Alligator Clip.

You could wrap the sanded coil around the alligator clips for a louder sound

Step 11: Connect the Different Alligator Clips to and Aux Cord.

You could wrap the aux cord around each alligator clips for a louder sound.

Step 12: Plug the Aux Cord Into a Device That Produces Sound With the Volume Up All the Way and Then Listen to Music.

Step 13: Troubleshooting

Try burning the ends of the copper wires with a lighter. This burns all the red coating and makes the sound travel well without any resistance.

Try twisting the wires around the aux plugs and and alligator clips.

Step 14: Summary

The three main components in a speaker are the magnets, the coils, and the diaphragm. The magnets are used to produce a magnetic field. The coils are used to move back an forth to produce vibrations because of the magnetic field. Also,the diaphragm is used to amplify the vibrations.Voice coils vibrate because the magnet produces a magnetic field. Every time the electromagnet's polarity changes, the interactions between the magnets change. The magnets are attracted and repelled which causes the coil to move back and forth. This is was produces vibrations.Vibrations turn into what we perceive as sound because when vibrations travel through air and into our ears they move hairs in our ears. These hairs catch vibrations and then go into our ear drums. Our ear drums vibrate along with the vibrations and send signals to our brains.