Beautiful Bedroom Desk!




Introduction: Beautiful Bedroom Desk!

There just wasn't enough room in my bedroom for all my stuff so i decided to build this desk. Just came up with the idea one day while bored in my social entrepreneurship class and here it is! Every piece of wood used in this project is recycled wood taken from old skids aka wood palettes.

Step 1: Build - Disassemble - Re-Assemble - Continue

Started with some beautiful 4x4 studs cut them all to appropriate length. Started to build it up only to realize i had build it much too tall!!!!!! UH OH so what did i do took it all apart and had to re-cut all the 4x4 studs down 6 inches, you can see in the next step they are much shorter!

Step 2: Minor Adjustments - 2x4x33 Planks - Many Nails & Screws

You can see in these images the table is shorter as i mentioned in the previous step. The planks were a bit tricky i tried nailing them in place, but it started to split the wood so i had to switch over to nails, much better choice! I came so close to enough!!!!!!! i was literally only one plank short but damn luckily i had an extra 2x6x33 just laying out in my balcony. It really started looking like a proper desk at this point, and my mother stopped telling me it was a failure.

Step 3: Sand - Clean Up

Finally finished all the actual cutting, nailing, screwing, messing around in general and began to sand. It was working pretty well to make the finished nice and soft, but unfortunately it being all scrap wood and reclaimed wood there were many warped and twisted pieces of wood which did not want to line up straight no matter what. Not that big of an issue tho i seemed to make it work just fine. Everything was nice and smooth, legs were solid and not shaking around all that was left to do was clean up the room so i could start painting without getting splinters everywhere i walked.

Step 4: Paint - Paint - Paint

All that was left was to paint this gigantic thing! it took many coats and many hours! 4 coats to be exact on everything. I wanted to paint the underside but it just wasnt worth the extra time, i mean whos really going down there anyways?

Step 5: Organize - FINISH

Just organize all your stuff and voila you're done! easy peasy lemon squeezy it turned out beautiful
but its not complete yet... when i can find some more free time i will be adding a book shelf along the left side of the desk against the wall adding some additional shelf space for little nick nacks. As of right now its perfect and it fits all the stuff that i wanted it to, lots of space on and below the desk for everything i wanted. Definitely recommend this desk to anyone looking for a lot more space in there small apartment bedrooms or just bedrooms in general! quick and easy only took 3 days of slow and relaxed building plus an addition day for collecting wood! GOOD LUCK TO ALL WHO TRY THIS IT WAS A BLAST TO MAKE!!!!

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    This looks like a solid, useful desk. Nice work!


    Reply 4 years ago

    It has held up so far, thank you!