Beautiful & Elegant Threaded Bangles & Earrings Using Shiny Silk Thread!

Introduction: Beautiful & Elegant Threaded Bangles & Earrings Using Shiny Silk Thread!

Make plain jewelry look elegant with shiny silk threads and beads!!!

Warning: It can get a little messy with the hot glue initially but it will be worth it :)

This is just one way of making these, you can get creative with it and add more patterns or styles.

Please do share your ideas and improvements in the comments, we would love to see what you create.


Step 1: (Bangle) Create the Base -> Attach and Add Markings

Below instructions are shown in the video.


Glue two thin plastic bangles together with hot glue (Note: if you are using clear glue, make sure you wait until the glue drys).

  1. Add hot glue in small sections to one of the bangle's side and quickly attach the other bangle.
  2. To secure the pair, add the hot glue to the inside and spread it.

It's okay if it gets messy with the hot glue, we will be covering this part with thread in the later steps which should completely conceal the messy hot glue.

  • You can skip this step if you are using a wider bangle.

Add Markings

Lay the bangle on its side and draw marks on the bangle as shown. These are the places where we will add the beads.

Step 2: (Bangle) Add Beads/Rhinestones

Apply glue in the crease between the two glued bangles and add a bead. Repeat this process for each marking.

Note: If you are using hot glue, make sure you add the bead quickly with a tweezer.

Step 3: (Bangle) Make Thick Thread

  1. Use the piece of cardboard and run the thread around about 20-25 times (15-20 for earrings) like shown in the 1st picture. This will create a thicker thread to work with.
  2. Cut the thread bunch in the middle (Refer to the 2nd picture).

Make 3 thick strands for the bangle and 2 thick strands for the earrings.

Step 4: (Bangle) Wrap Around the Bangle

Glue one end of the new thick strand to the back of the bangle with Clear Glue. Once the glue is dry and the strand is secure, wrap the strand around the bangle.

(Note: Make sure you are not wrapping it on itself too much as this will not create an even surface).

Glue the thread to the back of the bangle after each wrap using clear glue.

How to wrap around a bead?

  1. When near a bead, glue the single thick strand to the small space next to the bead.
  2. Spread the single thick strand in half and place one half of the thick strand on each side of the bead.
  3. Once the half strands are around a bead, move the threads closer again as a single strand and glue it to the small space next to the bead.
  4. Continue wrapping as usual while gluing the strand to the back.

Step 5: (Earrings) Wrap Around the Earring

For each earring, wrap the thick strand around the earring while gluing the strand to the back of the earring.

Make sure you are not wrapping it on itself and move the thread forward as you wrap.

Note: Use a little bit of hot glue in place of clear glue if the clear glue is not working well.

Step 6: (Earrings) Add the Beads/Rhinestones

Once the thread is wrapped around the earring and the glue has dried, glue the beads to the front of the earring with as little clear glue as possible and let it dry.

Tip: If it is a bead with a hole in the middle, you can use a needle to neatly sew the bead into the thread.

Repeat this process for the other earring as well.

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