Introduction: Beautiful Flower Drawing (beginners)

This is my first instructable and it is showing you how to make a beautiful flower for beginners.
I hope you like this instructable and it will be useful.

Step 1: The Middle of the Flower

For the middle of the flower you need to sketch half circles smaller to bigger, inside to out as shown on the picture.

Step 2: Pattern

Now you have to do a pattern as shown on the picture outside what you did on step 1
cu in the next step

Step 3: #2 Circle Patterns

For this step you need to to circles in the middle of each of the patterns you've done on step 3 and then another layer of the same thing as shown on the picture.
cu in the last step

Step 4: Finishing Touches

This isn't actually a step but it is just a thing to add to your flower to make it look beautiful
You could add the stem and maybe a flower pot.
And there you go, you made a beautiful drawing of a flower.