Introduction: Beautiful Journey of a Mother -Mother;s Day Gift

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Mother is the most lovable and adorable person. No love can exceed or even match the love of a mother for her child. She is the best trainer and guide of her child, no less than God, always the first person whom we think of in our happy and not so happy times. She has been blessed with the power to nurture a complete life in her womb with intense love and care. On many occasions such as the Mother’s Day, we are required to articulate our love and respect for the role the mother plays in our lives. So, here we are showing you her incredible journey of mother and motherhood and decorating her wall.

showing From the time we enter this world till we are carried off by the death, we come across many relationships in our lives and time to time our relationships change and she perfectly plays every role so gracefully,starting from nurturing to doctor to teacher to friend to guide and mother.I truly seek God’s grace and protection for them so that they keep up with their challenging role always

So i decided to to gift her whole journey in one cycle of motherhood and tell how important she is in my life

Step 1: Step 1:Idea Development and Background Preparation

I decided on creating my own interpenetration of motherhood journey and tried to connect concept of nature work in a same manner so through idea of abstract art showing in a background idea of natre

Materials needed

1-two drawing paper one is 21*27 and second one is 11*27

2-Paint and Brushes - I used acrylicPaint Sealer

3- Pencil to sketchup painting,scale,eraser,


Grid division -I decided to divide big one paper into four parts first canvas and and after that whole paper divided into grids.3.7*3.7 drawing time i have decided to draw 8 paintings on two papers to showcase whole journey of a motherhood .

Before you get started on the actual paper you want to have a general idea of what you want to do.I have decided to start with mature womb to first steps of a child to first touch to first breastfeeding to first conversation to first walk to remember till old age.I have choose different styles of art form starting from abstract to fine art and connected nature as well like her different stages of journey as a mother

presentation to first steps to make sure i drew correctly

Step 2: Step 2: Start Drawing

Drawing is the fun part ,let me explain you idea behind all 8 paintings what i am going to draw using two papers

First -mother is the creator of our existence, she is the one who has enabled us to feel what exactly life is, she made us alive and has produced virtues within us

Second -For creating my inmost being,knit me together in mother's womb.

Third - Wisdom andcompassion a woman can intuitively experience in child birth makes her source of healing

Fourth - Touch is the first language her first smile ,her stroking touch,child reads the message she is there.

Fifth - the new born has only three demands.Child is warmth in the arms of its mother ,food from her breast and security in the knowledge of her presence ,breastfeeding satisfied all three

Six- First conversation of mother and daughter when child first word,for her she is complete

Seven-Everyday child become more like a mother and starts copying her .First walk to remember with her.

Eight-last to showcase her full journey when dhaughter starts the same cycle again and sharing with her mom

Step 3: Step 2: Start Painting!

Painting is the fun part.

Back Ground -Because I was creating a seasonal transition I wanted to represent that in the back ground different color and brights and connects nature of "new beginnings" or rebirth as the environment comes back to life.I used cooler colours along with some hints or purple to symbolize the whole journey to come but the beauty of a motherhood such as the first breastfeeding which is always memorizing to experience.

For the individual painting work in layers and develop depth by adding colors on colors.Add small detailing off the original where you will add flowers.,change color in the fall and fall off for the winter. I added dark colors and vibrant colors to help the painting come to life. I also made sure to add small pieces of each connected panel to help the whole piece feel unified.

Outline-I have worked closely on background and gave a flowers touch

Step 4: Step 4:Cut the Paintings and Arrange It on Wall

Okay! I have this awesome 8 pieces of painting and now its time to make a frame!

now i have cut down all individual paintings and measured them to have a bit of the frame visible on each side. cut your pieces glue and clamp. See my photos for a reference.tap in some finished work to secure everything in place.Now its time to arrange on the wall.

i have arranged as per life of a motherhood

Every mother should be given due respect and must be admired for all the things she does and sacrifices she makes for her children. She has done everything for her children. And now it’s our time to discharge our duties towards her

she is the only one who has made our existence worthwhile.


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