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Introduction: Beautiful Mother's Day Flower Earring Jackets for Post Earrings

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Earring jackets are used to change the look of a favorite pair of post earrings. They can be worn in front of or behind your earlobe, hug the ear or dangle. These pretty flower jackets are on the large side, very light and hug tight. They are easily put on and taken off your posts. And they make a wonderful gift for someone who says they don't want anymore jewelry, because the jackets are basically an accessory for what they already own.

You can make these earring jackets to go with any pair of posts. I made mine to match my faux black opal heart earrings. If you want to do the same, here's the link to make my resin opal earrings:

Step 1: What You Need

A pair of post earrings

Card stock - should match or compliment the earrings

Flower paper punches - at least 2 different kinds, around 1-2"


Clear enamel paint (nail polish is fine)

White enamel paint (nail polish is fine)

Colored enamel paints - should match or compliment the earrings (I used blue & magenta)

Waterproof glue, like E6000

Straight pin


Wax paper

Resin (optional)

Step 2: Select Posts

Pick the pair of earrings you want to make the jackets for.

They can be anything from diamond posts to big button earrings. I used the heart posts from my faux opal tutorial.

Step 3: Color Matching

The card stock will be the base of your jacket design. Time to pick a color.

It's best to use a color that brings out the best in your post earrings. You'll be painting the card stock so don't worry if it's not an exact match, just try to get close. Better to go with a lighter color if you can't decide.

Example:I narrowed my choices down to these two blues and laid my earrings on them to compare. I wanted to keep some brightness in my jackets, so I decided on the lighter blue.

Step 4: Choose Paint Colors

You'll also want to pick paint colors that, blended together, will give you the final effect you're looking for. It's a good idea to test the paints out on scraps of the card stock and wait for the samples to dry before deciding. I wanted to end up with a nice indigo, so I needed colors to make my blue card stock richer and add a bit of purple to the blue. These are some of the colors I tested.

I ended up choosing a light blue, dark purple, and a magenta. All of my colors are transparent so they didn't overwhelm the blue.

Step 5: Cut Flowers

Choose flowers with at least two petal shapes that are around the same size. Punch them out of your colored card stock. Then layer them just to see how they will look. If you need a different punch, now's the time.

I punched out lots, but you only actually need two sets of petals.

Note: Yes, you can cut flowers by hand if you prefer. This will give you a more organic look.

Step 6: Piercings

Pierce the petals:

It's very important to place the holes so that the earring is centered in the jacket.

If the post is centered in the earring, you can simply make a hole in the center of the petals. Either way, here's how to make the post holes:

Start with only one flower.

Hold an earring up to the flower and center it.

Press the earring post gently into the petals, just enough to leave a dent.

Take the straight pin and carefully push all the way through at the dent.

Step 7: Check Fit

Place your earring through the hole and see how it looks. Little adjustments are easy, but if you're really off, it's best to punch out a new flower.

Note: The post to my hearts were way off center, so my post holes are way off center too. It took me a couple of tries to get it right.

Step 8: Add a Layer

With the larger flower in the back, center the petals.

Hold the petal layers together and pierce the pin through both flowers, using the first hole as a guide.

Separate the petals and set aside.

Repeat these steps to make a second set of pierced petals.

Step 9: Check the Look

Before applying any paint or glue, put everything together. How do they look? I was pretty happy with these.

Note: Don't worry about small imperfections - We're painting over everything.

Step 10: Begin Painting

Lay down some wax paper.

Choose the dominant color of your petals and paint one side of all the flowers.

When they are dry, paint the other side.

Let dry.

Note: The enamel paint seals, waterproofs, and strengthens the paper.

Step 11: Highlight Petals

Using white enamel, paint all the petal edges on one flower style. Don't worry about neatness, but do make the paint heaviest towards the outer edges.


While the paint is still wet, sprinkle a small amount of glitter on the petals. (Go light, you can always add more if you want)

Step 12: Highlight 2

Use a different highlight color on the second set of petals. I used magenta over purple.

Step 13: Blending

This step is optional.

You can use clear nail polish to blend the paint colors together, if you want.

Start at the center of each flower and work your way to the edges. You may need to clean the brush periodically by wiping it on scrap paper.


While the paint is still wet, sprinkle a small amount of glitter on the petals. (Go light, you can always add more if you want)

Let dry.

Step 14: Final Highlights

Run the white around the outer tips of any flowers you want to highlight. You may need to make more than one pass if your white is transparent.


While the paint is still wet, sprinkle a small amount of glitter on the petal tips. (Go light, you can always add more if you want)

Allow everything to dry fully. (Overnight is best - I was kind of impatient)

Step 15: Check the Holes

There's a good chance your pin holes got painted over. Take the straight pin and gently break through the paint. You'll notice how much stronger the petals are now.

Step 16: Glue

Put the earring posts in the flowers one more time and check that everything lines up right. If it's all good, remove the posts while holding onto the petals.

Add a small amount of glue between the flowers in the center. Try not to get glue in the post holes. (Use your pin to clean them up, if you do.)

Step 17: Curl

Gently lift and curl the edge of each petal toward the post.

Very Optional:

If you want to make these rigid like plastic, add a thin coating of epoxy resin to both sides of each jacket. This can be done at any time after the jackets are finished.

Step 18: Finished!

Jackets are ready to be added to the posts. Make sure they slide on and off easily. Wiggle the the pin around to make the hole larger if necessary.

Your beautiful earring jackets are ready to give or wear!

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And Happy Mother's Day! Or Birthday!

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