Introduction: Beautiful Paper Wall Decor

Have you ever wondered that your walls looks boring...or you wanted to do something exciting to decorate your room walls and that too with nearly no cost....Thats what we are going to do today.....

We will be making a beautiful paper wall decor piece to decorate wall and give it a nice look..Well, I have use this to decorate my can place it anywhere you want...your craft..your choice...Let's begin.....

Step 1: Things You Need...

The first and foremost step is to arrange all the necessary things that will be used.

We will need scissors,black,white and red paper sheets(you can choose any colour you like), fevicol or glue gun (your choice of glue), compass or any round object to draw circle or paper and atlast a fun creative mind:)

Step 2: Making the Paper Sticks

So for creating the frame we will need to make paper sticks by rolling the paper diagonally.

1)First take one black sheet of paper and hold it from one of its end point.Now start rolling upwards diagonally.If you are not able to roll on your own , you can use a thin stick to place at the corner of paper and use it to fold the paper.

Once done use glue to stick it properly.

Repeat the steps above and make 10 such sticks.

Step 3: Making the Frame

To make the frame, adjust the paper sticks in a square of 4 rows and 4 columns as shown in the above pic and glue them in their place

Step 4: Making of Flowers

To make flowers follow the steps:

1) Cut a circle (size according to how much big you want your flower to be) from the paper sheet.

2)Fold the paper circle into halves making it a semicircle.

3)Keep folding circle into halves till you get the shape as in the figure above.

4)After getting the shape cut the curve side part into the shape of a petal .

5)Now, after unfolding he paper you will see the line where you folded the paper

6)Cut the paper in shape of one petal and glue the other two adjacent according to the image

Now,your flower is ready....Repeat the steps with more red and white colours circle and make around 15 of these flowers

Step 5: Final Frame

Now we have our frame and flowers ready. We need to adjust the flowers into the frames as shown in the pic above or you can add your imagination and create a pattern of your own.

After making a pattern from the flowers glue them to your frame and your beautiful decor item is ready .

Place it in any place to showcase your talent and be ready to get compliments for your awesome work:)

Happy Crafting !!!

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