Beautiful Pearl and Flower Necklace

Introduction: Beautiful Pearl and Flower Necklace

This is my 4th ible and 2nd jewelry tutorial.. this time i tried to make this necklace more beautiful and delicate..
Hope u all will like it...:) 

Step 1: 1st Step

Materials to be nedded-
1- White Pearls and Sky Blue Pearls
2-crafting wire
9-White and Sky Blue Tissue Cloths

Step 2: Step 2

1-At first u have to take the 2 colors of pearls(i have used white and sky blue) and enter them into the crafting wire..

  > after finishing the work with pearls and wire then u have to joint the screw..
  >  3 layered necklace ready but not the full necklace yet..

2-take the 2 colors of  tissue cloths and fold it according to ur desired flower size,then cut down the cloth in round shape...

3-after cutting on a round shape u have to burn the side of the round cloths..

4-now joint the two colors of cloths one by one as the number 4 mentioned in the picture..

Step 3: Step 3

Now joint 4 beads with ur each  flowers to make those more beautiful..:) and sew the flower with ur necklace..:)
u can make finger ring with the flower too..:) 

Step 4: Finally...:)

The beautiful 2 colors of pearl necklace is ready.. make a finger ring with ur necklace and u'll look fabulous with your own handmade jewelry...:)
u can change the color as u want... it will take very short time and too easy to make...:)


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