Introduction: Beautiful Skateboard

The highlight of my skateboard is the design of shaft, which is made by drawing step by step with modeling command. It is very beautiful.

Step 1: Preparation Stage

First, I mapped the prototype of the skateboard and recorded its approximate size .Then I conceived how to realize the modeling of skateboard model.

Step 2: Construction of the Face

draw the sketch of the board section of the

skateboard, get the preliminary skateboard after stretching, then use the round corner command to turn the front and rear end of the skateboard into an arc shape, and use the round corner to smooth the sharp edges and corners of the board.

Step 3: Connection Block Production

Next is the modeling of bearing block, bearing block has the role of fixing the shaft, through the tilt of the two ridges of bearing block to roughly determine the height of the horizontal plane where the shaft is.

Bearing housing fixed slide plate and shaft..The model is sketched and stretched to achieve your command.

Step 4: Bearing Block Production

Immediately this is the construction of the axis, this use is the function of the model, by drawing some solid model, and then after some repeated stretching to achieve.The round part of the stretching model is used for later screw-hole fixing, while the sharp end is inserted into the bearing seat, which enables the shaft to slide up and down, and can achieve the purpose of shock absorption under the action of hard rubber.

Step 5: To Build the Wheels

The production of pulley, pulley part is composed of solid hard rubber tire and rolling bearing

Step 6:

The production of screw thread holes for fastening parts.

Step 7: ​Assembly of Parts and Rendering of Parts.

Use rendering to stick a beautiful picture to the skateboard, to choose the appropriate materials for each part of the skateboard, for example, I choose solid birch wood for the board surface of the skateboard, cast iron for the bearing seat, steel for the shaft and so on.

Step 8: Thank You

Thank you for your reading and welcome your Suggestions

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