Introduction: Beautiful Splash Capture/Editing


1) Digital Camera 
2) Plastic Sandwich bag
3) Water ( In the bag, and on the plate "Measurement depending on plate's size". Fill almost to rim) 
4) Plate ( preferably one color) 
5) Yarn / rope  ( length depending on length from floor to ceiling)
6) Good lighting
7) Sewing Needle
8) colorful backdrop ( bed sheet, towel, rug...) 

Procedure 1

1) Take the sting that you have accumulated and either tie/ tape it to the your ceiling. 
2) Tie your "sealed tight" bag of water to the end of the Yarn / rope.
3) Put the plate directly under the bag of water.
4) Fill the plate with water.
5) Position the camera towards the plate of water, on a secure platform.
6) Penetrate the bottom of the bag hanging over the plate of water with the needle, just enough for one drip of water to come out at a time, after all we are not looking for a waterfall.
7) Take many pictures, at least 25 to get just the right shot. 
8) Cleanup! :) 

Procedure 2

1) Upload your new pictures on for computer. 
2) Edit them, play around with the hue, saturation, and brightness.
3) Show your results off on social media sites, galleries, and even contests. 

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