Introduction: Beautiful Steam Punk Valve LED Lighting

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How to make a fantastic looking retro steam punk style battery powered lamp from parts from an old valve radio system!

All the steps for this are detailed in this instructable. There are two YouTube videos included from my channel so you can see how effective this looks and how easy it is to make. I'm sure you will put your own spin on this project. The wiring is very simple.

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所有步驟會在這裡詳細說明。我在YouTube視頻中分成二段影片,因此您可以看到它的效果如何,以及它的作法有多麼簡單。 我相信你將會用自己的方式來詮釋這個企劃。 它的接線是非常簡單。


Step 1: Salvage the Parts 零件廢物利用

Open the case and remove the valves and the coils from the vintage radio!


Step 2: Design Your Lamp

Cut up a block of wood to mount the lighting, batteries and valves.

Place the lights and valves where they are most appealing to the eye. Make sure the LEDs are close to the valves to it looks like the valves are turned on when everything is lit up!


將燈光和真空管放在最引人注目的位置。 確保LED燈靠近真空管,這樣當所有東西亮起來時,真空管看起來也像是被開啟了!

Step 3: Drill Holes and Fit Parts 鑽孔和安裝零件

Drill appropriate holes for the valves and LEDs, and glue the parts in place in preparation for wiring.


Step 4: Start Wiring 開始配線

Once all the parts are fitted, start wiring the circuit with your soldering iron. The attached schematic is an example of how my circuit works.

一旦安裝好所有零件,請用烙鐵開始配置線路圖。 附上的概要圖是我的線路圖範例。

Step 5: Finishing the Design 完成設計

Wrap insulation tape on the batteries and over the cables & connections to shield them from possible short circuits.

Use linseed oil to make the wood grain standout like a french polish!



Step 6: Wrapping and Decorating

Wrap copper wire, fit coils and decorate your lamp using hot-glue and parts from your old valve radio! Make it look beautiful and interesting!