Introduction: 3D Printed Emergency Beauty Kit

have you ever found yourself halfway through the day looking in the mirror and wishing you haven't done that? New zit? hair is messy? Broken nail??

Wouldn't it be great if you finally had a solution for any beauty emergency?

Whether I go to work, a date with my boyfriend or basically anywhere, I hate carrying my entire make up bag.

So, I came up with an idea: Pocket sized, all-in-one beauty kit!

My lipstick, concealer, bobby pins, nail file and anything I need, all in a kit that fits right in my back pocket.

The best thing- you can adjust it to fit you perfectly.

Well… It's time to say goodbye to your bulky bag!

I came up with the idea after seeing this contest. I know other women or men will identify with me on this one. I'm still going through that phase I have acne, so I tend to wear a lot of make up (which BTW causes more break outs so it's kind of a vicious circle). I thought of an idea that would not make me carry a bag everywhere. The idea behind my emergency beauty kit is to have the option to stay fresh looking throughout the day without working too hard. I started thinking of all things I carry in my backpack and how can I incorporate them in my kit. For me, the most annoying thing ever is breaking my nails and have no file around me when I'm not home, which makes it so much more difficult to handle that broken nail and usually ends up just taking it off. Another thing that came into my mind happened when I was on my way to the university, when I took the train. I went into the ladies' room and as I always do, I looked in the mirror to see whether I look as good as I felt when I applied my makeup this morning. And as always, when I looked I was not happy... suddenly the sunlight in the room made all (and I mean it when I say all) my flaws highlight. I immediately thought it would be great if I could somehow incorporate in my kit the makeup that could fix a zit popping out, smeared lipstick or just adding a bit of color to my face. Of course, everyone has their own go to makeup when it comes to fixing throughout the day, so feel free to adjust this kit for your needs. The rest of the kit can be for hair products like bobby pins or any other idea you have or want to add. BTW I'd love love love to hear from you about what is it that you would put in the kit, maybe I'll change mine, And whether you got something that you want to add but don’t know how to do so, I might have an idea.

Step 1: Materials and Tools:

-3d printer/ 3d printing service.



-2 little mirrors or 1 big miror




-rubbing alcohol

-and any make up you usually use:

***I used a lipstick, a blush and a concealer.

Step 2: 3d PRINTING the Parts:

Download files -7 in total

***if you don't use any liquid make up you won't need the "first cap" part.

All parts designed in solid-works, attached in part format and stl format.

I printed the parts from PLA on my TEVO tarantula using cura as the slicer with the following specs:

nozzel:1 mm

layer hight:0.4 mm

infill density:100%

printing temperature: 200 C deg

bed temp: 45 C deg

print speed: 20 mm/s

no support

Step 3: Sanding the 3d Pinted Parts

For a smoother look, sanding the 3D printed parts is crucial. Use water when sanding, so it is easier ,and the results are better.

Step 4: Color the 3d Printed Parts:

Before connecting the parts together you can paint them.

As you can see I used a silver spray paint.

I recommend using an acrylic based paint when coloring plastic.

Step 5: Assembling:

This video explains how to create your beauty kit.

You can also read the instructions below instead.

Step 6: Assembling the Box

First step of creating the kit is connecting the lid to the box.

As you can see in the picture above, they connect using a little bump and a whole. When inserting the bump in the whole you create the pivot that allow us to open and close our box.

You'll have to use a little strength on this one.

Step 7: Add Makeup

For a blush or an eye shadow (or any pressed powder products):

Use the back of a teaspoon to crumble the product into powder. Place powder in the spot you chose in the box. Press Lightly using again the back of a teaspoon.

Add rubbing alcohol using a syringe until seems wet, and press using a paper towel. The rubbing alcohol evaporate so the powder stays dry. Use after it completely dries.

For a lipstick or a lip balm:

Light a candle, then cut a piece from the lipstick you choose and place it in a teaspoon. Hold above the flame until melts completely. Transfer the melted lipstick into the box quickly so it won't dry.

For a concealer:

Use the back of a teaspoon to grab concealer and place in the box. Press using paper towel.

If you wish to use any liquid make up:

Print the "first cap" part shown in the printing section. This cap will separate

The liquid make up from the rest of the kit. Pour the make up in the spot you choose then place lid.

Step 8: Gluing Mirror

Glue the mirror(s) to the inside part of the lid. For more Accuracy,You can mark where the right edge of the mirror should be placed. When using craft mirror (small mirror you can buy at any arts and crafts shop), it has a Nylon protector, you should remove it only when you completely finish your kit.

Step 9: Completing the Rest of the Kit

Now it's time to plan and organize the rest of the kit. Since the kit is very small and thin in size you should use very small items. For example: dental floss, rubber bands, travel size perfume, tweezers, bobby pins, very used eye pencil (must be very small- but hey! It's a new purpose for this tiny pencil you usually throw away).

Basically, any small product you use can be placed in the kit.

If wanted you can glue a magnet so the bobby pins won't move around the kit.

Step 10: Adding Nail File

Measure the size of the nail file you want (according to where you are going to place it).

I chose it to be on the external side part of the box (see picture above), so it blends well with the overall appearance.

Glue where you choose and let dry before using.

Step 11: Finale Result

Your Emergency beauty kit is ready to be used and save you from any beauty emergency!

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