Introduction: Beauty Tips: 3 Amazing Homemade Hair Masks

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When talking about beauty tips, how to make amazing Homemade Hair Masks is something the comes to your mind as the first thought. Beautiful and shiny tresses can make or mar any girl's complete personality. There is no rocket science beyond making your very homemade hair masks that will add growth, improve shine and upgrade the texture of your hair up a notch!

I bring for you an awesome collection of 3 fantastic homemade Hair masks in a few minutes. These 3 Homemade hair masks bring you amazing results and with these hair care tips, you will see a very noticeable positive change in the look and feel of your hair.

Watch the complete tutorial on How to make 3 amazing homemade hair masks and do try them out.

Step 1: Ingredients for Making the Hair Masks!

There are no special requirements for making these hair masks are the basic ingredients readily available in your kitchen:


Hibiscus Flower

Clarified Butter

Almond Oil

Olive Oil




Step 2: Papaya Yogurt Hair Mask

Take a papaya and make a paste by mashing it with a fork.

Add a few tablespoons of Yogurt and mix well.

Apply it on your hair and wash after 40-45 mins.

Step 3: Oatmeal and Milk Hair Mask

To make the second hair mask you need to mix together three ingredients.

In a bowl take some oatmeal and Milk and add a few drops of either almond or olive oil in to.

Mix well and apply well on your hair.

Follow with a wash after an hour,.

Step 4: Clarified Butter and Hibiscus Hair Mask

To make the 3rd and final Hair mask you need to do just two steps.

Take some clarified Butter and heat it up.

Add the hibiscus flower to it to release the essence.

Massage this Hair mask well into your scalp.

Step 5: DIY Hair Masks Are Ready!

Grab some basic supplies from your kitchen and make these awesome Homemade hair masks. These Home remedies come straight from nature. Hence, they are devoid of any side effects. Before we proceed, remember that hair problems are an international beauty issue in the current times. So, you’re not alone. Most of us are going through the same stage of hair fall and other problems related thereof. Never rush to the instant solutions offered by chemical based treatments.These Amazing Homemade Hair Masks will certainly put an end to your worries.

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