Introduction: Beaver Hat


There is no better way to teach children about beavers and where they live, than to put it on your head. I have found this brings the point across rather nicely, while adding just a touch of humor :P I decided to make a funny hat, just for fun, that can help kids learn about the environment that other animals live in at the same time

Step 1: Materials

  • hot glue
  • sticks
  • cool woven place mats or more sticks
  • a hat
  • a beaver stuffed animal
  • various colors of paint
  • string
  • needle and thread

Step 2: Paint It

I had to make it at least kinda resemble the color of a beaver den instead of a straw hat, so I painted it in a mix of black, brown, and a clay color.

Step 3: Sticks

I cut up one of the place mats into pieces for the base and painted it. I dismantled the other one into long strips, and cut them so they looked stick like. I painted some so they all looked a little unique (lol I just smeared paint on it) and set them to dry.

Step 4: Glueing Everything Together

I first glued the cut up pieces onto the hat, so it had structure. Next I just glued on all of the strips in no particular order (it's suppose to look like a pile of sticks). I then took actual sticks and snuggly positioned them so they look like they were coming out of the hat.

Step 5: Add the Beaver

The beaver I used was quite large, and had a hat in the stomach -_- .......... Anyways I took the hat out and sewed it up, then I sewed all the legs/arms together, and strung string to it's belly into the hat. I tied the strings quite tightly so the beaver would not flop around. Side note: My beaver was about three pounds.

Step 6: Wear It With Pride

Yes, the perfect hat for any occasion, whether for learning or fashion, this hat is sure to suit all of you beaver habitat needs :)

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