Introduction: Becoming a Walking Dead Style Zombie

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This video shows how I made my Halloween costume. This year I am a walking dead inspired zombie. This is the most complex zombie costume that I have made so far. The face prosthetic is made of foam latex and the other prosthetics are just made of liquid latex.

Step 1: Sculpting the Prosthetic

I sculpted the prosthetic, over an Ultra-Cal 30 lifecast, using monster clay and a couple of cheap sculpting tools.

Step 2: Molding the Prosthetic

I started molding, by using cheap oil based clay to make the run off area and mold wall, then I sealed the exposed Ultra-Cal with mold soap. Once that was dry I mixed up a slightly runny batch of Ultra-Cal 30 and brushed it into all of the detail. After about 45 minutes, I mixed a second batch and saturated some pieces of burlap in it, then I put the saturated burlap onto the zombie face. For the third and final layer, I mixed up a thicker than usual batch of Ultra-Cal 30 and brushed it on.

Step 3: Casting the Prosthetic

To cast the prosthetic, I started by lightly choosing the positive and molds with monster makers foam latex release. Then I mixed up a batch of foam latex, following the monster makers instructions. Then I carefully brushed the foam latex into all of the detail, poured the rest of the foam latex into the mold, closed the mold, and used a mold strap to hold the mold tightly together. Then after about 15 minutes, once the foam had gelled, I placed the mold into an oven that was preheated to 170 degrees farrenheit for 2 and a half hours.

Step 4: Making the Teeth

The teeth were very hard to make, and were very uncomfortable. If you want your own out of the mouth dentures then it is probably best to just buy them from Moonstruck Effects.

Step 5: Making a Weird Hairy Bald Cap Thing

I started by brushing dabbing several layers of skin colored latex onto a plastic head, in the shape that I want the final piece to be. Then I glued on two different prosthetics and painted them to match the latex. Once that was dry, I used latex to glue on clumps of hair. Working my way from the bottom to the top.

Step 6: Zombifying the Shirt

I started by making coffee. Then once it had cooled down, I put it into a spray bottle and sprayed it onto the shirt focusing mostly around the neck and armpits. Once the coffee stains were dry, I used watered down blood in a spray bottle to add red stains around the neck area. I also put some fake blood on the shirt using my hands, to make it look gross and messy.

Step 7: Making Simple Latex Prosthetics

I started by sculpting two wounds, using oil based clay. Then I built mold walls around the sculptures, Using the same clay, then poured in some Ultra-Cal 30. After that, I used a sponge to add in a layer of latex to both molds. Once that was dry, I used skin illustrator to paint the bones white, and the bloody parts red.

Step 8: Prepainting

I started by coating the prosthetic with pros-aid. Once it had dried, I powdered the prosthetic with baby powder. Then I painted all of the deep areas, like wrinkles and cuts, with red and brown Skin Illustrator. After that, I went over everything with pink Skin Illustrator, then over everything again with a light skin colored RMGP. Then I used a stipple sponge and a spatter brush to paint on small specks of blue, red, and brown.

Step 9: Applying Everything!

I started by applying a Graftobian latex bald cap. Then I used Pros-aid to glue on the weird zombie hair. After that, I glued on the face prosthetic starting at the nose and working my way out to the edges, making sure to keep my mouth partially open so the prosthetic doesn't have to stretch too much to fit the teeth in. Then I used skin illustrator to paint my skin to match the prosthetic, I used RMGP around the eyes. Then it was time to apply the ribcage and bite, I just applied pros-aid to my skin and the prosthetic, then I put the prosthetics against my skin and blended the edges with skin illustrator. Finally, I put the teeth in and added the blood.

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