Introduction: Bed Attachment to Hold Things (I.E, Books, Journals,hair Clips, ETC.)Silly Solutions

For a long time, I've wanted a holder to go on my bed to hold things I take to bed (like books, hair clips, water, etc.). So, when I learned that there was a Silly Solutions category for this contest, I thought it would be the perfect thing to design, print, and submit. Of course it wasn't that easy... First, I designed it in Tinkercad about 30 days before the contest, but then we decided to make mom a cool lampshade for her birthday, which is also today. So, that left me and my brother only 4 days to print and submit our designs. My brother went first. (He made an amazing "Ultimate Electronics Holder" and I highly recommend you check it out!) Then, I printed my design and it finished today. It will fit snugly on an IKEA loft bed and I think it will be very useful to have my things right there when I go to bed at night. I hope you like it.


3D printer and filament


Ulti Cura

A really cool engineer dad (or mom) to encourage you

Step 1: Designing

I designed mine in Tinkercad, which is a great program. First, you make a box type shape with dividers.

Step 2: Designing, Continued

Then, you add clips to the design to make it clip onto your bed. I had to measure the width of my bars with a ruler to make sure I got them right.

Step 3: Moving Into Cura

I exported my design from Tinkercad to Cura and then sliced it and put an STL card in for the printer.

Step 4: Printing

Our Ender 3 printer sometimes messes up, so we have to do "baby step Z," and you may have to do that for your printer if your bed is too high or too low. While it is printing, you have to watch the first few layers to make sure it doesn't mess up. Once it finally finishes, pop it off the bed, take off the supports and enjoy.

Step 5: Add It to Your Bed

Be careful while adding it to the side of your bed, because the fit is quite snug. If it does break, then you can put it on the bed where you want it and then glue it while it's on. Time to load it up with your favorite bedtime things!