Introduction: Bed Frame

After looking and looking around the shops for a decent, well made wooden bed under $500. we found that everything sucked!

they were either hugely expensive $1000+ or made so cheaply that extra legs had to be put in the middle to support the mattress.

So we decided to diy our own!

I appogise for the lack of photos, once i get into a project, I forget to stop every now and then and pick up the camera. I will try and describe the steps as well as i can.

Step 1: Study Existing Designs (take Sneaky Photos at Stores)

This is the first step of the project, it involves ninja skills including

* Sneaky ninja cameraphone photography
* Dodging pushy salespeople
* Staring at the ridiculous prices and not collapsing when your realise you can build it for 1/4 of the price!

but seriously, most salespeople are happy when you tell them you are lookin to see if a bed will fit your decor, and ask if they mind if you take a photo.

ive attached some of the designs that we liked, and a couple of the ones that i thought were pretty abysmal.

Step 2: Design

Take parts that you like from all the bed that you took sneaky photos of.
and measurements from your matress

Sketch designs on a piece of paper untill you decide on something you like

Model it using your favourite modelling application (sketch up / autocad etc)

take measurements from modelling application and compare to design on paper to make sure there are no design problems.

Check design with girlfriend, even consider doing a quick render to see if she likes it. At this point you may be required to go back to the 1st step several times.

Print off 3d model, and parts breakdown
step complete.

for our design, we used a combination of Designs and came up with something that myself and the girlfriend both agreed on.

The last picture is the closest to what we ended up with, as we liked the idea of having lights and a powerboard integrated into the head of the bed.

Step 3: Detailed Plan Pictures

this step was added after the first instructable was created, I was told i needed to show some more detail on the design i used, so here it is.

Step 4: Visit Bunnings / Big Box Hardware

This is the point where you go to your local big box store and spend half the day looking for decent pieces of pine.

For this design, i used

I have tried to convert to imperial, but am not 100% sure on the conversions, YMMV

6x 70 x 70 x 1.2m    (3 x 3)
1x 19 x 190 x 2.4m  (3/4 x 7 1/2)
1x 19 x 140 x 2.4m  (3/4 x 5 1/2)
2x 19 x 120 x 2.4m  (3/4 x 4 12/16)   (heaboard support)
3x 12 x 133 x 2.4m  (1/2 x 5 4/16)     (headboard lining)

3x 70 x 70 x 1.2m     (3 x  3)
1x 19 x 190 x 2.4m   (3/4 x 7 1/2)
1x 19 x 140 x 2.4m   (3/4 x 5 1/2)
2x 19 x 120 x 2.4m   (3/4 x 2 12/16)

2x 19 x 190 x 3.0m   (3/4 x 7 1/2)
2x 30 x 70 x 3.0m     (1 3/16 x 3)

Center Support
1x 19 x 70 x 3.0m (3/4 x 3)

15x 19 x 70 x 2.4m (3/4 x 3)

Screws/ Fixings
1x box    8g x 40mm  Time
2x Pack 5/16" Tee Nuts(Blind Nuts)
4x 2" 5/16" Zinc Bolts
4x 4" 5/16" Zinc Bolts
1x assorted little screws

Lights were purchased from ikea
Janso Lights @ $30 ea

Step 5: Cut and Assemble

Sorry i didnt get any pictures of this happening (its kind of hard using a chop saw and a camera at the same time)

Tools used
Ryobi chop saw
GMC Table Saw
Ozito Electric Plane
Ryobi Cordless drill
Bosch Corded drill

Basic Assembly instructions.

Leg Assy. (Picture 1)
cut 3 of the long leg lengths in half to make 6 half height legs (for the foot of the bed)
3x 70 x 70 x 1.2m   -  >    6x 70 x 70 x 0.6m

notch out 2 of the long legs and 2 of the short legs to support the sides.
notch out 2 of the long legs and 2 of the short legs to take the main head and foot supports
see second picture - copyright

use long screws to bolt the legs into a L Pattern, making sure the one without a notch is in the corner.

Head and Foot Assembly (Picture 3 Green)
screw the bottom cross beam into the notch, attach the top piece, and install braces to support the headboard cover.
screw the bottom cross beam into the notch, attach the top piece, and install a brace to support the top seat.

Side assy (Picture 3 Red)
attach the runners for the slats to the main lengths, then fit into the notch and bolt to legs using tee(blind) nuts. this is to allow for easy removal.

center beam assembly (Picture 5 - 7)
create beam holders using offcuts from the legs, they should be notched to allow the center beam to sit flush with the runners for the slats. using this method requires no fasteners (for the center beam) for easier disassembly.

Slat Assembly (Picture 8)
Cut slats to size, space evenly, using scrap pieces, Staple hessian webbing to the top and then flip the whole lot over  and the build is done!

please comment if any of this makes no sense and i will try to illustrate the points better

Step 6: Stain and Varnish

This is the point where we make the bed look like the ones we saw in the shops.

we used Cabots Water based Stain  - two coats for a nice dark look

And then Cabots water based gloss - one coat, light sand, one coat, light sand, then a coat diluted 50% with water.

Step 7: Complete

So this is what we ended up with, An extremly sturdy bed, with integrated lighting and power board.

we are both extremely happy with the bed, and she is even considering tasking me with some bed side tables next!

P.S. Please note that the soft toys are not mine, they are an addition by the girlfriend.

Step 8: ShopBot Challenge!

I Would love to have a CNC Machine, and one that can handle a full sheet would be beautifull!

a CNC machine would allow me to bring my autocad drawings to life, without relying on my innacurate hand tools.

Just thinking of the possibilities now, and they are amazing!

im already planning a gear clock and some name plaques for people!

Autocad 2012 or inventor would be a great upgrade from autocad 2010 Im using at the moment!

This step will be removed after the contest is finished.

Step 9: More Detailed Drawings

Here are some more detailed drawings of the plan that we used, if you would like anything specific, please leave a comment.

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