Introduction: Bed Lamp

Bed lamp made from scrap wood ....

Step 1: Getting the Required Wood

- I was looking at some scrap wood and got this Idea to make a bed lamp.

- Made a square box 20x20cms.

- Made a round cut 20cm diameter

- Painted them matt black color ( in love with matt black) :p

- took a part a pallet and got 4 of its heavy legs.. and later sanded them.

Step 2: Drilling

- Making 1.5 " diameter drill and made all center holes drilled in all blocks so that to wire go thru.

- it was easy to drill the top 3 but the bottom one had to drill in 'L' shape to get the wire out to connect to power.

Step 3: Getting the Wire In.

- see this is how the wire taken out at the bottom

- on top its the bulb holder, it was little tricky but got it done.

- to make it easy take it apart and then fix it from the bottom.

- getting wire from the top or bottom is not easy ( many trials made)

- attached all the 4 blocks with nails and glue.

Step 4: Bulb

- This how it looks inside ... yey....

Step 5: Acrylic Sheet

- made 2 parts of the acrylic sheets to fit on front and back.

Step 6: Birds

- As i am finishing got request( actually kinda demand) from my niece that she likes birds so put them in that box... :p

- so got birds laser cut and attached them on both acrylic sheets from inside with double sided tape.

- by the way you can keep some other things hang inside . I placed a hook on top.

- One side it can be open and close . To lock the door i place hinges one corner and other side used some brain ( lazy one) added zip tie as a lock..

Step 7: Finale

This is how it looks when its turned ON :)

Please share your thoughts and suggestions. Do let me know how is it ?!

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