Introduction: Bed Recliner

This instructable will only cover the recliner modification I did to my pre-existing camper conversion.

I will cover the conversion building process, stealth camping,and planning a road trip in other Instructables.

Step 1: Supplies

Two chunks of wood

Wood Files


Power Sander

stain or paint

Step 2: Forming the Shape

I decided to go with a simple raised piece on the bed platform to hold the backrest board in place. While I could have simply gone with wedge-shaped tops with cylindrical pegs bases, I wanted to play with the form of the actual pegs also. Let your imagination run wild on the shape of these pegs, as long as you have a peg and a hole, you should be fine with whatever shape on top.

Sketch that shape onto your wooden blocks and start taking off material!

Step 3: Finishing the Pegs

When you are done roughing out the shape with a power sander, finish it off with files and sandpaper. You may want to take this opportunity to paint or stain the pegs. Drill holes appropriately in the bed frame to allow for proper reclining geometry.

Step 4: First Use/storage

Slip the pegs into the holes, set up your backboard and your cushions, and enjoy!

I like to store my pegs in the right-side rear door cup-holder.