Bed Sheet Lifter




Introduction: Bed Sheet Lifter

After looking on the internet and not finding what I needed we came up with this. If you have Gout like I just had for 2 weeks, you will find this very good, and strong. It has plenty of adjustment

Step 1: This Is a TV Tray

These can be purchased at Department Stores etc

Step 2: TV Table

This is the Table with the tray part removed, and the feet of the table slid under the matteres

Step 3: Bed Sheet Lifter

This is the blankets covering the lifter. My matteress is 13" high and my feet are another 11" and there is more than enough room

Step 4:

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    1 year ago

    I found this today while looking for a retail made blanket lifter. Most of them were from medical supply houses. Expensive, or if from retailers they were too small or had issues with quality control or directions.

    I used the entire "Table Mate" tray assembly. Just folded the table up and stuck the long leg ends under the extra deep mattress that we had purchased. A couple of adjustments to the extendable legs and like magic the blanket and cover were up off the bed and no more foot pain.With the added width (24") of the X-Lg Table Mate, I can roll and turn and still not hit the edges of the supports. Glad I took the time to do a little research before spending many $ for a single use item. When It isn't needed as a blanket support it will again be a deluxe TV tray table that fits under my recliners when not in use.


    Great idea. I too suffer from Gout occasionally. I was sleeping with the covers and sheets off my feet, but even the slight breeze from ceiling fan was painful enough to keep me from sleeping.

    I've learned to manage the flair ups with the use of Indomethosin and Colcrys. (Rx) Indomethosin is an anti-inflammatory and the Colcrys reduces the Uric acid in the blood. When you feel ANY symptoms, start the Indomethosin and Colcrys immediately. If you wait for the flair up to happen you pretty much have to live with the excruciating pain for at least a week.