Introduction: Bed Side Baby Cribs for Anabelle Anais

Hi, more than an istructables, this is an "idea show", because i will just put the images of my wok,since inglish is not my leanguaje, and, the measures of the proyect are made to fit my needs, i dont think its necessary.

Any Way, im glad to answer any question that ypu may have.


Step 1: Pieces of Wood

This is the cutting and sanding procces.

Need 2 of each pieces, of 10 inches board + 3 inches board

Step 2: Drill Holes

Drill 4 holes (mi wife says it look nice) for attaching both boards thogether, left a separation betheen for decarative pourpuses

Step 3: The Crosspieces

As you can see, there are two pieces of hidraulic pvc tubes, stuffed whith a piece of rounded wood, (very very thigth) and then those pipes are cover whait thermo foam for pipes ( daa!) so the baby wont get hurt if for any reason hit the crosspieces.

Step 4: Putting Pieces Togheter

Sorry no pictures, camera went off the battery, so an explain and a graphic

Step 5: Art Work

My wife making a beatifull art work

Step 6: Base Structure

No Pictures, camera ran out of juice


This is how the fabric is installed

Step 8: Finish Details

Add a curtain or toy holder for Anabelle

Step 9: Gorgeous Paint Job

The end is the beatifull wife's work

Thaks, hope you like it

Any question glad to aswer