Bed Side Table




Introduction: Bed Side Table

just a small night stand I made for my daughter..

it's made from a old end table.. that was made from a old dresser or something.. so this is its second transformation.

I just wanted to reclaim the wood for other stuff.. the cherry was some old attic floor boards from a house that was torn down on my land..

Step 1: Old End Table

this is the table I torn down.. just made of white pine and some 3/16 plywood and lots of nails to remove.

Step 2: Trimming the Sides

with it torn down i trim the sides and the top and bottom.. finished size of box will be 12'' wide 25'' high 18'' lenth..

Step 3: Putting It Together

after i attached the sides to the top and bottom.. I started filling the holes.. and it had a bunch of square mortises on the sides that I filled with bondo.. then it was time for paint .. I love painting like I love kidney stones..

Step 4: Paint

everybody loves to paint.. this got one heavy coat of shellac based primer then 3 coats of ultra white paint.. the back was a piece of 5mm plywood then painted..

Step 5: Building the Drawer

the drawer is made of the same pine but I ran it thru the planer to get the old finish off of it.. then i just used pocket holes for the joints and the bottom was some 5mm ply again.. I cut some 3/8'' deep by 3/4'' dados in the sides for a draw slides..

Step 6: Drawer Install

this part was a little tricky because the rails that the drawer slides on are also the drawer stops .. i put them close to the front and left just the thickness of the drawer front.. so the front of the drawer was flush with the cabinet sides.. then the slides had a little that needed a hand plan to get the drawer to fit just right..

Step 7: The Top

the top was made from some off cuts from a display cabinet I made that I will post soon.. they was just glued up and cut to size that was 3/4'' larger on the sides and front than the cabinet itself.. the top has a type of ogee round over on it .. the front corners were rounded so my daughter didn't hit the corners and get hurt.. I put one coat of wipe on poly just to show the color of the wood.. the back didn't get any paint and was just nailed with some large head brad nails.

Step 8: Trim and Drawer Front

i cut a bunch of cherry that would be the trim. it was a chore because all i had left was the cut offs with nail holes and knots.. the base trim is 7/8'' thick and 3.5'' tall and was run across the router with a table edge bit.. the drawer front was cut to size and coated with wipe on poly (gloss) it was a unusable piece of wood because it was the crouch of two limbs.. but looks nice as drawer fronts ..

Step 9: Top and Trim

the top and upper trim was installed in the first picture.. and the base trim put on in the two other photos.. all was just 45 degree miters on corners..

Step 10: Bottom Shelf

the lower shelf was just a off cut from the top which i trimmed a section off the side to add to the back section in the first picture.. in the last two pictures I'm showing joint were i put the added section on.. I added a couple of biscuits for the end grain connections .. it will be on the back so no one will see it.. I don't like to waste wood..

Step 11: Shelf Pins

I have a shelf pin jig from kreg that made this easy..

Step 12: Finished

this was a fun build. I like to recycle as much wood as possible.. i'm one of those people that will take any real wood furniture.. even if it is ugly.. just for the wood.. better than the landfill ..

hope all you folks like it.. I'll be getting a video up soon with more details in it ..

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    DIY KING 00
    DIY KING 00

    4 years ago

    what a neat job ...welldone!!!


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    thank you..


    4 years ago

    Very nice.


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