Introduction: Bed Slat Long Board

A long board made from old bed slats and skateboard trucks.


2 skateboard trucks
2-4bed slats (depends on how wide you want it)
Saw to cut the slats to Desired length.

Step 1: Marking Up

Get two of the bed slats (this will form the deck) line up the ends then get one of the trucks and line that up with the end of the slats too. Now mark where the holes in the truck are using a pencil (do this by poking the pencil through the holes of the truck and drawing on the bed slats) repeat the proses at the other end.

Step 2: Drilling the Holes

Using your hand drill or any other type of drill drill a hole through the bed slat on all 8 of your marks. Use a drill bit the same diameter as the bolts/ hard where you will be using.

Step 3: Add the Trucks

Get the trucks and there hardware. Push the bolts through the holes in the deck aline them with the trucks and do up the bolts until tight(using screwdriver and spanner) . And that is the finished product you can also add some extra deck room/ width by using to more bed slats and a saw to cut them to length.
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