Introduction: Bed Storage

Hello :)

First of all. Sorry for my bad English. :)
I was wondering how i could use the space under my bed better than i do so far.

That the reason i made this post to exchange my experience with you.

Step 1: I Am the Happy Owner of 2 of These Bed Roller´s.

I got a bed that is 200cm long and 140cm wide. That means there are alot of unused space under the bed. I was searching the internet for a bed roller that could fit under the bed. I only found bed rollers that was half as wide as my bed.

Step 2: What Do I Need to Make a Bed Roller?

I started to draw a bed roller for the bed. My bed got a support leg at the middel. My conclusion was that i needed to make 2 bed rollers. My first step was measuring the bed.

1. Hight

2. Wide

3. length from the support leg

After the measuring i calculated all the plates of the bed roller.

Depends on what bed you have. You need to make your own choice.

Front: 1m x 34cm

Sides: 140cm x 14cm

Back: 14cm x 80cm

Bottom: 140cm x 80cm

Step 3: Materials

I chose to make the bed rollers in OSB wood. I think it looks nice and it is cheap to. Bolts, nuts and screws was given to me. When it was putting it together i was using normal wood glue and my screws. I predrilled to make sure the wood did not split in half.

I live in Denmark so it shows its marks on the price.

2x OSB 10mm Plates = 210kr = 30,96 dollar

12x wheel = 299,40 = 44,14 dollar

48x bolts = For the wheels

48x nuts = For the wheels

40x screws

Total = 509,40 kr = 75,11dollar

Step 4: Alternative

If i was buying a complete solution. I could have bought something like on the picture. The only thing about it is that is only 100cm x 60cm witch mean i would have alot of unused space. The price for 2x bed rollers on the picture is 500kr = 73,72 dollar.

That means i got a better solution for the same money.

Step 5: Final Result

As you can see. I think i made a nice fitting peas. I now got much space for my tools and much more :D

Step 6:

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