Introduction: Bed, Lights and Crates

About: I build thing for fun. Mostly with the laser cutter since I'm pretty clumsy.

The idea was to build an inexpensive storage place under my bed. Since I'm sensitive to low light environnement, I wanted indirect lightning as well.

I used four ikea Lack table (5€ each), two for lights and two for putting stuff that I can easily reach while in bed.

Step 1: Tables

I used cheap wood to close two sides of the tables on the lights side and three sides at the shelves side. It helps to get the table very rigid and to stands weight and moves in bed.

I used reflective plastic sheet bought in an indoor gardening shop and I stappled it inside the tables.

For the other tables, I build shelves but it was not a good idea. It's not very usefull when in bed, It's not very confortable to reach and the room is to deep.

Step 2: Light Cover

9mm sticks, light fabric and stapples are used to cover the lights.

The switchs are at the head of the bed. They are not very pretty but they are not very visible.

The bed itself is screwed to the tables.

Electric wires are going under the matress. I put some recharging device in one of the shelf to keep cables hiden.

Step 3:

The crates are build with special nuts which are supposed to be hammered into wood. I used them backward, the screw is going through the wood, the crates can be disassembled.

There is wool pads under the crates to make them slips on the floor.

The crates just fits under the bed. They are not intented for everyday use, I keep things I need from time to time in them.

I should make a crate for the front gap as well.

I'm using this bed for more than a year and it's absolutely stable and robust.