Introduction: Bedside Baby Bed

it is a bed made from ikea sniglar bed. ikea sniglar is long and enclosed bed. but at first months of our baby we shortened and changed to bedside bed.

Later you could easily convert to its original bed.

Step 1: Materials Needed

item; quantity; descrition

1; 1; ikea sniglar bed head&tail sides

2; 5; 20x30x57mm wood

3; 2; 20x30x79mm wood

4; 3; 20x30x80mm wood

5; 1; 79x61x2mm plywood

6; 2(min); plastic tie

7; 1(min); rope

8; 1; bed 60x80

9; 1; set cover/cushion

10; 10; 5x40 screw

Step 2: Base

drill pilot holes for screw at the ends of wood 2.

drill holes at wood 3, at the edges for mounting to the bed. see pictures.

drill holes at wood 3, equidistant for mounting wood 2.

Assemble wood 2 and 3 as in the pictures shown.

Step 3: Side Beams

drill holes shown in the picture to wood 4

Step 4: Assemble

mount side beams (wood 4) 3 sides: 2 bottom, 1 top side with ikea's original screws. See pictures.

tie rope for stiffness for side.

mount bed base with ikea's original fastening parts.

fasten plastic tie for stiffness for bedside side.

place plywood. I've levelled head side for better sleep.

place bed

fasten covers'cushions (optional)

have a good sleep for little one.

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