Introduction: Bedside Reading Lamp

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Sooooo , we went ahead and finished decorating our master bedroom ( Finally !! )

And the last thing that was missing was Bedside Reading Lamps

I have searched everywhere for a nice looking lamp, with good pleasant light ( yellowish ) and as usual --> cheap

But all the lamps were expensive , or bad looking

Soooo , i thought to myself , let`s build one!

Enjoy my work - i know i did


Step 1: Step 1

Preparing the first wood for work

I took the first wood , drilled a hole inside it`s end in order to put the electrical wires inside - make sure you use special drills for wood

Step 2: Step 2

Get the wire inside the wood - leave a bit in the end for us to able to connect it to the LED strip ( later )

Moreover , i have drilled in the same wood in the middle for the wire to pass threw it again , i thought it would be good looking ( Not sure i was right .. :) )

Step 3: Step 3

Smooth the hole that we drilled in order for all debries to go away

Step 4: Step 4

Prepare the main wooden pole that will be connected to the base on one side and on the other end to the upper wooden pole ( from step 1 )

Saw it to your desired size, i chose it be 35 cm. - i don`t have picture since i already used the saw and then i only thought about filming it... :)

Drilling two holes

First you need to drill a hole at the end of the pole , in order for us to connect it to the base ( Step 6 )

Second hole in the top pole , 2-3 cm from it`s end

Saw the end of the pole ( bottom ) in order for it to be able to move like a hinge without any problems

Smooth the end of the cutted pole with sanding paper

Step 5: Step 5 - Smooth Edges

Use a normal ( 150 ) sanding paper to smooth the endge of the pole

Step 6: Step 6 - Prepare Threaded Rods

Prepare the Threaded Rod in order for us to connect both the wooden poles together ( like a hinge )

If you have a Dremel tool than it is prefered that you use it since it`s fast and cut very precise

Step 7: Step 7 - Combining the Two Pieces Together

Attached both pieces , make sure the hing a like rod can move ok , and when you tighten the nut it wont move and hold in it`s place without falling by itself

please use a small washer between the rods in order for it to move smoothly and not damadge the wood

Step 8: Step 8 - Prepare Base

Now , we need to connect the main rod to some base in order for it to " stand " on a table

Saw two 6 cm pieces ( the same size of the rod )

One 14 cm length of 2x6 cm wood ( upper base )

Two 14 cm length of 2x6 cm wood ( bottom base )

Drill holes in the 6 cm pieces in order for us to connect it to the upper base

Mark the middle in the upper base , and place both 6cm pieces on top ( exactly in the middle )

Take 4 wood bolts and drill them !

Step 9: Step 9 - First Upper Base Ready

Should look like this

Drill a hole in the side of the 6cm pieces ( for the threaded pole to go threw )

Connect the main pole to it ( without the nuts ) , make sure it moves back and forth without any issues.

I noticed some problems while i moved it back and forth , so i had to remove the main rod , smooth it a bit and reconnect it back again

Step 10: Step 10 - Bottom Base

Glue the upper base to the bottom , and secure it with 4 bolts

Step 11: Add Weight - STEEL

The desk lamp can fall very easly , for that not to happen you need to add some weight to it`s back.

I bought two steel poles , cuted it to the deisred size and glue it to it`s base

Step 12: Step 11 - Cup for Light Housing

I took a small trash bin ( very very small ) and drlled a hole on it`s bottom ( for the wires to go threw )

Since it`s tin , it can cut very easily your hand , so make sure you remove debries with some grinding machine ( Dremel )

Step 13: Add LED Light to the Cup

I took an ordinary LED strip light.- connected it to the electricle wire ( Speaker wire 0.75mm ) and passed it threw the hole of the cup.

Soldered it to the LED strip and started to glue the LED

remove the outer strip and glue it slowly to the inner cup.

Step 14: Wrap the Cup With Thread

Just for it to look better , i took a regular Thread , and wrapped the upper cup and went bakc and forth with it.

Just to dimm a bit the light and give it a better Designish look

The first thing to do , is take the Dremel , and saw the upper part - you need to create slim cuts in order for the wire to go threw and stay there , unless it will slip and fall.

Step 15: Install a Small Switch

Install a small switch for your Bed side lamp

Step 16: Finish

I had to speedup the process and continue with the build.

This is how the end result looks like

It gives great light , good for reading !

It was a very good project , had much fun!