Introduction: Bedtime Topsy Turvy Doll

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Let's get back to the basics! Every little girl needs their very own Rag doll. Topsy Turvy Dolls have been around for many years. It's like having 2 dolls in one! One side is awake, and flip the skirt over and now she's asleep! This doll is 16" tall.

Step 1: Supplies Needed

You will need Muslin or cotton fabric, about 1/3 yard. Yarn for the hair, poly fil for stuffing, (I took the stuffing out of an old stuffed animal) embroidery floss, 2 different fabrics for dress and nightgown. 1/2" wide lace or eyelet trim, about 24" for the nightcap and 32" for the bottom edge of skirt.. 8" of 1/2" wide matching ribbon for bow. about 18" of 1/4" elastic for nightcap.

Step 2: Cut Out Doll

Using pattern, cut 2 out of muslin. (Place pattern on fold) The peice of muslin I had was too narrow so I had to sew the arms on but you won't have to do this if yours is at least 8-1/2" wide.  

Step 3: Embroider Faces

Draw the faces on both ends of one of the doll pieces. Embroider eyes, noses and mouths. Keep the details simple and use tiny stitches.

Step 4: Pin Front to Back

Place front to back, right sides together matching up arms. Pin.

Step 5: Sew Front to Back

Machine stitch around entire doll, except leave an  opening about 2" wide in one of the sides. Clip the corners up to but not through the stitching. Turn right side out.

Step 6: Stuffing

Place small pieces of stuffing into opening on the side of doll. make sure and get enough stuffing in each arm. Use the eraser end of a pencil to push the stuffing into the doll. Stitch the opening closed with a needle and thread.

Step 7: Make Yarn Hair

Wind yarn around 2" wide piece of cardboard. Slide a small section off of cardboard and sew down the center with a zig-zag stitch. Continue to remove yarn from cardboard as you sew. Keep sewing the looped yarn until you have a section 36" long. Repeat for the other doll head.  Hand sew one 36" length onto the doll, beginning at the base of neck area and winding around the head, filling in the back of the head. Repeat on other head.

Step 8: Sew Dress Bodice

The top of the dress is a very basic T shape. Trace around doll  and add 1/4" seam allowance . It's better to cut it out a little too big. Cut out a front for each print and 2 back pieces for each print. Pin onto doll and make sure there's enough on the back to fold under. Sew shoulder seams together and press open. hem the arm openings. The neck opening is trimmed with a piece of fabric that has been cut on the bias. 1" x 9". stitch onto the right side of neck opening, turn under to the backside and sew down. Fold back of top down over the front, right sides together, stitch the side seams. Clip curves under arms. turn right side out.  

Step 9: Sew Dress Skirt

Cut a rectangle out of each print, 12" x 30".  Stitch the short ends together with 1/2" seam allowance. Press seams open. Place one skirt inside the other, right sides together, matching back seams, place the eyelet trim in between the skirts, Pin. Stitch around bottom edge of skirt with 1/3" seam allowance. Turn skirt right side out. 

Step 10: Sew Dress Onto Doll

Place both tops onto doll. Hand stitch back seams.Turn the top edge of each skirt down seperately about 1/4" and  with a needle and thread, gather all the way around. Place the skirt on doll. Pull thread tightly and sew onto the doll. distribute the fabric evenly around the doll and stitch the skirt onto the doll. Repeat with other side.

Step 11: Nightcap and Bows

Cut a 6" circle out of nightgown fabric, sew 1/2 " wide lace to the edge. sew 1/4" wide elastic around circle, 1/2" from the edge, stretching slightly as you sew. Stitch cap onto doll head, sleeping side. Make a bow out of the ribbon and sew it onto the waist.

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