Introduction: Bee Hotel Made by Student

This building will be a 12 by 12 square that bees can fly in and out of. This is not a permanent home for the bees but this helps them rest on long trips. This picture is a base picture, so you can paint on the sides, you can change the shapes of the 4 by 4's on the inside.


- measuring tape

- chop saw

- sander belt

- drill

- hammer

- screws

- wood glue

Step 1: Measure and Sand


I don't have a picture for the first step but first, you gotta measure and cut the wood to the size that you want with a measuring tape and a chop saw. Make sure that you have 12 2 by 2's that will line up in 2 rows of six separated by two rows of 3 4 by 4's. The pictures will make this a lot clearer.

After everything is measured and cut, sand everything as smooth as you want it. You can also round edges and shape sides to your liking.

Step 2: Drill Holes

Next step, Take three different sized drills and drill randomly placed holes.

Then, stack them how you want. Doesn't matter what pattern, just as long as the wood lines up to be straight.

Step 3: Putting It Together

Next, glue all of the inside pieces together.

After the inside is glued, you are going to screw the outside and back together.