Introduction: Beebeecraft DIY—How to Make Simple Bracelet With Mental Patches and Pearl Beads

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Do you wanna DIY a beautiful and special bracelet by yourself? Maybe you will think Making a bracelet by yourself is too difficult to finish. Now Beebeecraft Tutorials will eliminate your worries and show you how to make a simple and beautiful bracelet with flower pendants and pearl beads.To make this bracelet , you need to prepare some jewelry materials which mainly includes some flower pendants, open jump rings , claw clasps, and purple pearl beads. When everything is ready, you just need to follow my steps. Now,let’s learn how to make a beautiful and special bracelet with flower pendants and pearl beads.

Step 1: Jewelry Craft Supplies for Making Bracelet With Flower Pendants and Pearl Beads

Flower Pendants

6mm Half Purple Glass Pearl Beads

6mm Iron Open Jump Rings

7x11mm Brass Lobster Claw Clasps

Jewelry Tool SuppliesFlat Pliers Glue

Step 2: Instruction of Making Simple Bracelet With Flower Pendants and Pearl Beads

Step1:Finish all of flower with pearl pendants

1st, glue the pearl to the center of the metal patch with glue;

2nd, repeat the action for making more and suitable flower with pearl patterns;

Step2: link and finish the bracelet model
1st, link two flower with pearl patterns with two open jump rings;

2nd, attach a jump ring to both of the two ends of bracelet pattern, then attach a claw clasp to the jump ring on one end.

Step 3: The Finial Jewelry Just Like This:

All of the steps are not complicated and the required materials are easy to find. Just fellow the Beebeecraft Tutorials , you could have a green hand. If you don't find the ideal materials, the Beebeecraft will provide you everything. Hope you could fellow Beebeecraft, and we will keep updating.