Introduction: Beebeecraft Ideas on Making Crystal Pendant With Glass Beads

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Summary: This is a tutorial on making a glass bead pendant for Christmas. If you also wanna make delicate beaded pendant necklace, you will never miss this Beebeecraft one!

This glass beads pendant is made with glass faceted abacus beads and glass seed beads mainly. Easy jewelry craft supplies are needed to make this project, just with some crystal abacus beads, some seed beads, and some wire, u can finish the delicate pendant successfully.

Step 1: Craft Supplies for Jewelry Making the Pearl and Glass Beaded Pendant:

6x6mm RoyalBlue Faceted Austrian Crystal Bead Strands

PandaHall Elite 1 Box Iron Round Bead Spacers

2x1.5x1mm Silver Twisted Chains Curb Chains

PandaHall Elite Lobster Claw Clasps and Jump Rings

0.2mm clear Transparent Fishing Thread Nylon Wire
DodgerBlue Iron Long Nose Pliers

Benecreat Side Cutting Pliers

Step 2: Make a Basic Beaded Pattern

1st, cut a piece of fishing wire, slide 4 blue bicone glass beads to it and cross one end of it back through the last bead;

2nd, slide 3 blue bicone glass beads to one wire and cross it through the glass bead pattern before;

3rd, repeat above steps to make 2 more bead loops and slide a bicone bead to both wire and cross them through the beads in 2 ends and fasten the wires to connect 2 ends of the bead pattern.

Step 3: Add Some Glass Seed Beads to the Bead Pattern

1st, slide a length of copper wire through the hole of one bicone bead, add a seed bead through the wire, then corss the wire through anothe bead, continue to add the seed bead like the picture;

2nd, continue to add the 4 seed beads through the wire, and fasten them like the pisture.

Step 4: Finish the Beaded Pendant

1st, after adding seed beads pattern on every corner, cross a length of copper wire;

2nd, continue to slide the seed beads through the wire like before to the other ends of the beaded pattern.

Step 5: Finish This Delicate Beaded Pendant Necklace

1st, cross the end of the seed beads wire through the blue bicone bead and slide seed beads like the another end;

2nd, slide seed beads every corner like above steps, then cut off the extra wire;

3rd, add a jumpring and a clasp to the 2 ends of the chain, cross the chain through the pendant.

Step 6: Wow, the Delicate Beaded Pendant Is Done!