Introduction: Beebeecraft Ideas on Making Quilling Paper Christmas Tree Decoration Ornaments

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Summary: Do you love quilling paper decorations? Christmas is approaching, This is an easy quilling paper DIY project on a quilling paper Christmas tree crafts. You will learn some techniques on how to make quilling crafts from Beebeecraft here.

Most people are attracted by the delicate work and creative designs of quilling paper art, Quilling paper Christmas crafts are becoming more and more popular. How about the above quilling paper Christmas tree? The main jewelry craft supplies used in the DIY project is quilling paper. Now, follow me to see how to make a quilling paper tree at home for Christmas.

Step 1: Supplies in Making Quilling Paper Christmas Decoration Crafts:

Pandahall Elite 525x10mm Quilling Paper Strips

10MM Wide Quilling Paper Strips

6mm No Hole Plastic Pearl Round Beads

8mm Mixed Color Round Glass Pearl Beads

Step 2: Make Green Quilling Paper Petals

1st, cut a piece of 5.25mm green quilling paper, and roll it a rolling pen;

2nd, pay attention to the size, and put it into the 15cm size model and adjust it;

3rd, make the round green quilling paper as oval shapes with the tweezers.

Step 3: Make the Main Part of the Crafts

1st, refer to the above steps to make 3 more blue leaves and 4 red leaves. Then, use the white gun to combine the 8 red and green leaves into a circular shape;

2nd, refer to the above steps to make 22 10mm quilling paper leaves, then, use the white glue to make 5 leaves petals circular pattern, 7 leaves petals circular pattern, and 10 leaves petals circular pattern;

3rd, glue these 4 quilling paper flower pattern together as pictured;

4th, Add glass pearl ornaments, add one pearl bead to each corner of the quillig paper craft tree, the color depends on your like.

Step 4: Let Me Show You the Final Look of My Beautiful Quilling Paper Christmas Tree!

This handmade quilling paper tree craft is a good gift for your house or your friends for the coming Christmas. You can see that it's not very difficult to make, if you have fallen in love with it, just try it now? Please feel free to ask me or leave a comment if you have any doubts. Hope you like it and have a good day!