Beebeecraft Tutorial on How to Make a Pearl Beaded Brooch Pin



Introduction: Beebeecraft Tutorial on How to Make a Pearl Beaded Brooch Pin

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Summary: Wonder how to make a simple brooch? It is a simple tutorial telling you how to make creative beaded brooch, the beading technique and beading jewelry designs are extremely easy to understand, while the handmade work is a little troublesome, requiring your patience and caution.

This simple pin brooch is made with simple materials which can be found on Beebeecraft easily, if you also wanna make it, just follow my detailed processes to have a try. Now let’s see the tutorial together~

Step 1: The Materials Needed for This Pearl Beaded Brooch Pin:

4.0cmx0.7mm Golden Iron Eyepins

Pandahall Elite 10mm white glass pearl beads

Pandahall Elite 8mm white glass pearl beads

Flower Tibetan Style Spacer Beads

4-10mm Iron Jump Rings

3x4mm Iron Cross Chains Cable Chains

Mixed Color Tibetan Style Alloy Feather Pendants

6mm clear faceted bicone glass beads strands

Benecreat heavy duty safety pins

Step 2: Make the Dangle Charms for the Pearl brooch

1st, slide a 6mm clear faceted bead, a Tibetan style spacer bead, a 6mm clear beads to an eyepin and make a loop at the end, a flower spacer bead, a 8mm white glass pearl, and a flower spacer bead to another eyepin;

2nd, connect two loops finished, and add a Tibetan style feather pendant, connect them to the eyepin.

Step 3: Add More Chain to the Safety Pin

1st, snip 1 chain to the safety pin, and add a feather pendant to the chain;

2nd, do the same 2 dangles on the other side.

Step 4: Attach the Last Bead Fringe to the Circles of the Pin.

1st, Add a flower spacer bead to the eyepin, a 8mm white glass pearl, a spacer bead and a clear faceted bead to an eyepin and make a loop, a spacer bead, a 10mm glass pearl, a spacer bead to another eyepin and make a loop;

2nd, connect the 2 pearl pattern together, connect them to the circles of the pin as the picture shows;

3rd, add a feather pendant to the end of the pearl dangle loop.

Step 5: Here Is the Final Look of the DIY Safety Pin Brooch.

Great! This free beaded brooch patterns is over now! The final look of the flower brooch pin is so fantastic and chic. It will be very suitable for your dress. Just make such unique flower brooch pin in your own style!

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