Introduction: Beebeecraft Tutorial on Making Easy Asymmetrical Wire Wrapped Dangle Earrings

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Love aluminum wire earrings? In this Beebeecraft tutorial, you can see a pair of easy DIY wire wrapped earrings. With simple string materials aluminum wire and some coiling technique, you can also make the fun earrings.

Besides killing time and getting enjoyable experience, I learned crafting techniques while devoting myself into various jewelry making projects. Today I pick golden aluminum wires, copper wires and pliers to make this easy wire wrapped bracelet. Check my steps to see how I made it.

Step 1: Materials Needed in DIY the Easy Wire Wrapped Earrings:

Pandahall Elite 1.5mm Gold Aluminum Wire

7-8mm faceted glass cube bead

Rose Red Rhinestone Beads

Golden earring hooks

Golden headpins

Step 2: Make the Main Part of the Easy Wire Wrapped Earrings

1st, cut a piece of aluminum wire, wrap the working wire into a spiral like picture shows;

2nd, preserve a short length to make a loop at the top, and preserve a short tail to wrap the wire ends like the picture;

3rd, take a rose red rhinestone bead, add the black cube faceted bead to a headpin.

Step 3: Finish This Pair of Golden Wire Wrapped Earrings

1st, make a loop at the end of the headpin;

2nd, stick the rose red rhinestone bead to the hole in the center;

3rd, add a golden earring hook on the top loop of the wire wrapped pattern, and add the black cube bead to them; 4th, Refer to the above earring to make another earring like the picture.

Step 4: Here Is the Final Look of the Asymmetrical Wire Wrapped Earrings.

Just with the above two easy steps, you can DIY a pair of personalized wire wrapped earrings. With aluminum wires at hands, you can wrap it to shape many cute patterns as you like. Beebeecraft offers various brand Pandahall Elite aluminum wire for you.