Introduction: Beebeecraft Tutorials on How to Make Crystal Wide Bracelet

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summery:Do you want to get a summer vibe unique bracelet?Let crystal blue glass beads bring some cool!By following this tutorial, you can learn how to make an unique wide bracelet band .Let’s start it!

Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed for These Crystal Wide Bracelet:

6x1mm Glass Beads Strands, Bicone, AB Color Plated, Light Blue

4mm Glass Seed Beads ,Light Gold

2x1.5mm Round Glass Seed Beads, Golden Plated

5x0.7mm Iron Jump Rings, Nickel Free, Golden

7.4x7.2x1.7cm Alloy heart Lobster Claw Clasps,golden

0.2mm Transparent Fishing Thread Nylon Wire, Clear

Step 2: Instructions on How to Make These Crystal Wide Bracelet:

1st, stung four crystal glass beads and four golden seed beads together one by one.Pull the transparent fishing thread to make the beads into a circle.

2nd, add four glass beads and four seed beads again and stung the needle through the top seed beads of where you want to add the circle part,then pull the thread to make them form two adjacent circles.

Step 3:

3rd, repeat theses steps until the length is enough.Add a ring of seed beads around the edge of the bracelet .

4th, Stung four golden seed beads through the top seed beads of the bracelet band ,then add five seed beads through the top seed bead and repeat these step for another side.

Step 4:

5th, add the golden jump ring and lobster claw clasp behind two sides to lock the length of the bracelet.Then we finished!

So far the tutorial of making crystal wide bracelet is completed! Do you also think you can finish them alone? It is a little complex and will spend about 2 hours to get it,but it’s worth! Share me your some nicer ideas then. Welcome to find more jewelry making supplies on Beebeecraft!