Introduction: Beebeecraft Tutorials on How to Make Earrings With Glass Beads and Pearl Beads

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How to make earrings with glass beads and pearl beads? This Beebeecraft tutorial will show you how to make earrings such like this.Earrings are very ordinary jewelry and almost every girl has a pair of earrings in their jewelry boxes, and even more. Actually, glass beads and pearl beads are extremely suitable for making earrings. This is because glass beads are shining and pearl beads are elegant, so it’s necessary to combine the two beads for making earrings. In this project, we just need a few jewelry materials which includes glass beads, pearl beads, aluminum wire, earring hooks and nose pliers. Now, let’s learn how to make earrings with pearl beads and glass beads.

Step 1: Jewelry Craft Supplies Needed in Making Earrings With Glass Beads and Pearl Beads

3mm White Glass Pearl Beads

8mm Green Glass Beads

8mm Light Yellow Glass Beads

Golden Earring Hooks

0.5mm Aluminum Wire

Jewelry Tool Supplies

Step 2: Instruction of Making Earrings With Glass Beads and Pearl Beads

Step1: finished the basic pattern of earrings

1st, slide a white pearl bead ,a green glass bead in the o.5mm jewelry wire, and repeat three times then slide a white pearl bead lately;

2nd, slide a light yellow glass bead in the wire then make the another end of wire across the light bead and make the beads tighten;

3rd, slide three pearl beads in the ends of wire respectively then cross the wire.

Step 2: finish the earrings making

1st, make a loop of the wire then tighten the loop by winding three times

2nd, attach the earring hook to the finished pattern, and repeat all of the steps for making another earring.

Step 3: The Finial Earrings Just Like This:

Wow! These earrings with glass beads and pearl beads are so delicate! Don’t you want to have a try? No need any professional beading or wire wrapping skills, just follow this Beebeecraft tutorial, even you are a green hand, you can make a pair at home.