Introduction: Beebeecraft Tutorials on Making Heart-pattern Leather Necklace With Pearl Beads

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This Beebeecraft Tutorial is about how to make hear-pattern leather necklace and pearl beads and seed beads with sliver color. Maybe the steps is not easy for beginners, but Beebeecraft Tutorials will teach you how to learn these steps in details.

Red is a popular color for jewelry , this is because red looks like very shining and luxury,especially for jewelry beads. Red jewelry beads more textured and eye-catching and the red heart-pattern leather necklace with pearl beads will more shining. It will be special that have a red heart-shipped necklace making by yourself, and as a gift for your friends and families is special too. Fellow the Beebeecraft tutorials and you can get the thing easily.

Step 1: ​Jewelry Craft Supplies Needed in Making Heat-pattern Leather Necklace

4mm Round Glass Pearl Beads

8mm Round Glass Beads

2mm Sliver Seed Beads

1.5mm Jewelry String

0.8mm Cooper Wire

Jewelry Tool Supplies

Step 2: ​Instruction of Making Red Heart-pattern Necklace With Pearl Beads

Step1: make the basic heart-pattern of necklace

1st, slide a 8mm red glass pearl bead, a 2mm seed beads, a 8mm pear beads and a 4mm pearl beads into the cooper wire in order and make them tighten;

2nd, slide suitable number seed beads into the cooper wire and slide into the bead which is surrounded, then use the same method make three pearl beads are surrounded;

3rd, thread the wire through the small red bead,and slide suitable number beads fell the gaps left by the seed beads, and make all of the seed beads in a string and wrap around a heart shape;

Step2:finished the necklace making

1st, in the middle of the two 8mm pearl beads,slide a string into the seed beads in one side then slide six seed beads into the string, and slide the string into seed beads in another side lastly, and the heart shape jewelry is finished;

2rd,attach a link to the seed beads line and attach the finished jewelry string which is a leather cord.

Step 3: The Finial Jewelry Look Likes This:

Wow! How beautiful and cute jewelry is! Try it on! Since you have learned how to make your own heart-shipped necklace and you can also change the size of the beads, and the color etc. I am fully convinced that people who receive this gift will be happy

Step 4: