Introduction: Beebeecraft Tutorials on Making Macaron Flower Earrings

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Do you like a pair of beaded dangle earrings? Here I will show you how to make a pair of Macaron Flower beaded dangle earrings.

Pink, blue, and yellow beads form the shape of a flower. The bright colors are like macarons, giving the whole atmosphere a bit of sweetness. Whether such cute and beautiful earrings hit your girl's heart? Just follow with Beebeecraft to make such a sweet loveable earrings for your daughter, good friend or girlfriend.

Step 1: Supplies Needed for the Earrings:

10~10.5mm Natural Jade Beads Strands

4mm Pink Glass Seed Beads

2mm LightSkyBlue Glass Seed Beads

3mm White Imitated Pearl Acrylic Beads

8mm White Glass Pearl Beads Strands

6mm Ivory Glass Pearl Beads Strands

Silver Brass Earring Hooks

Silver Iron Head Pins

0.2mm Clear Transparent Fishing Thread Nylon Wire

Steel DIY Jewelry Plier Sets

Stainless-Steel Scissors

Mixed Iron Sewing Needles

Step 2: Make the Flower Heart of the Earrings

1st, slide a yellow jade beads to the middle of nylon wire, and use another nylon wire to string five pink seed beads, and pass the ends of the fishing wire through the holes of the jade beads;

2nd, use another nylon wire to string five pink seed beads and pass the ends of the nylon wire through the hole of the jade beads too, let the pink seed beads form a loop, and the jade bead is surrounded in the middle;

3rd, string one pink seed beads at the two ends of the holes of the jade beads.

Step 3: Make the Basic Part of the Earrings

1st, add 1 3mm pearl beads, 5 LightSkyBlue seed bead, and another 1 3mm pearl beads onto the wire, and cross the wire through the nearby two pink seed bead to make a tiny flower pattern like picture shows;

2nd, repeat previous step to make more flower patterns in the same way;

3rd, slide one 8mm pearl beads, one 3mm pearl beads and one 6mm pearl beads on one head pin;

4th, string the pearl beads string into the hole of the jade bead, and make a hoop at the other end of the pin.

Step 4: Finish the Macaron Flower Earrings

1st, add the earring hook to the beaded pendant;

2nd, repeat all the steps above to make the other earring to make a pair.

Step 5: Now, This Macaron Flower Earrings Have Been Finished:

Wow! This earrings are so pretty! Just with some normal beads and basic beading skills, you can easily make these Macaron Flower earrings! Don’t hesitate, just give it a try.