Introduction: Beebeecraft Tutorials on Making Pearl Bracelet

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Looking for a homemade bead bracelet design? How about this pearl bracelet? The following Beebeecraft tutorial will show you how to make this bracelet.

As it shown in the picture, the pearl bracelet is so elegant and beautiful. At many occasions, wearing the delicate jewelry can add to your personal charm and make yourselves stand out even in crowds. The instructions will guide you into a beautiful beaded bracelet pattern, let’s learn with Beebeecraft.

Step 1: Supplies Needed for the Pearl Bracelet:

3mm White Imitated Pearl Acrylic Beads

6mm Dyed Glass Pearl Round Bead Strands

Golden Brass Horse Eye Handmade Chains

Brass Lobster Clasps with Brass End Chains Sets

2x1.5mm Golden Round Glass Seed Beads

0.3mm Gold Copper Jewelry Wire

Golden Iron Jump Rings

Golden Iron Cable Chains

30mm Golden Stainless Steel Eye Pin

0.8mm Gold Aluminum Wires

Steel DIY Jewelry Plier Sets

Stainless-Steel Scissors

Step 2: Make the Basic Part of the Bracelet

1st, wrap short end of the 0.8mm aluminum wire around the long end, make a messy wire wrapped loop with short end;

2nd, slide a pear onto the wire and use the 0.3mm copper wire to string the golden seed beads;

3rd, connect the two ends of the seed beads to the aluminum wire, let the seed beads surround the half of the pearl bead;

4th, repeat above steps to add other pearl beads and seed beads.

Step 3: Finish the Pearl Bracelet

1st, after stringing five pearls and five beaded seed loops, make a loop at the other side of the wire;

2nd, slide two 3mm pearl beads into two eye pins separetely;

3rd, make a loop at the other end of the eye pin;

4th, use two Brass Horse Eye chain to connect two ends of the beaded string, and connect the two ends of the made one pearl bead string to the horse eye chain and cable chain;

5th, add the lobster clasps.

Step 4: Now, This Pearl Bracelet Have Been Finished:

Wow! How beautiful the bracelet is! Do you wanna try? Just follow the Beebeecraft tutorials then you can own a special bracelet. Hope you can admire this tutorial.