Introduction: Beebeecraft Tutorials on Making Pearl Loop Necklace

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Do you like pearl beaded necklace. Today, Beebeecraft tutorial will tell you how to make a pearl loop necklace.

Pearl is an indispensable material in making jewelry. A variety of pearl necklaces are filled with elegant ladies' jewelry boxes. Combining the ring and the pearl, the necklace is elegant and lively, suitable for many occasions. The main material for making this necklace is pearls of different sizes. It may seem cumbersome, but making this necklace is not as difficult as it might seem. If you don't believe it, just keep looking.

Step 1: Supplies Needed for the Necklace:

3mm White Imitated Pearl Acrylic Beads

4mm White Glass Pearl Beads Strands

Golden Brass Linking Rings

0.5mm Golden Copper Jewelry Wire

6mm Aquamarine Glass Imitation Pearl Round Loose Beads

13x9mm White Glass Imitation Pearl Teardrop Beads Strands

Golden Iron Head Pins

Brass Jump Rings

Zinc Alloy Jewelry Findings Golden Lobster Claw Clasps

Golden Iron Cable Chains

Steel DIY Jewelry Plier Sets

Step 2: Make One Loop of the Necklace

1st, winding the golden copper jewelry wire on the linking ring to fix it;

2nd, string one 3mm pearl beads to the wire and winding the other side of the wire on the ring;

3rd, string another 4mm pearl beads to the wire and still winding the wire on the ring;

4th, repeat previous step to string pearl beads on the ring by using wire.

Step 3: Make the 5 Loops Pendant of the Necklace

1st, repeat previous step to make 5 pearl bead rings;

2nd, using the wire to fix the 5 loops in the shape of the picture shows.

Step 4: Finish the Necklace

1st, string 9 3mm pearl beads on the bottom of the 5 loops;

2nd, use one head pin to string one 13x9mm white pearl bead and one 6mm Aquamarine pearl bead, make a hoop on the other end of the head pin;

3rd, connect the pearl bead string to the five loops as the picture shows;

4th, use open jump ring to connect two piece of Cable Chains and the five loops pendant;

5th, use two jump rings and a lobster clasp to link the two ends together.

Step 5: Now, This Pearl Loop Necklace Have Been Finished:

Do you like this handmade pearl loop necklace? Have you learned the detailed steps to make this pearl loop necklace? It is so lovely that it deserves your time to have a nice try~