Introduction: Beebeecraft Tutorials on Making Stylish Pink Pearl Earrings

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Do you like handmade earrings? How about learn to make a pair of stylish pink pearl earrings with Beebeecraft during leisure time?

Pink is the girl's favorite, and it’s a color full of romantic and sweet. Pearl beads is a common element in jewelry making and is very popular among jewelry lovers. I believe you will be attracted by this pair of pink pearl earrings.

Beading is the main technique used in making this pearl beaded earrings. If you’re a starter at making jewelry, don’t worry, free details patterns on making beaded earrings are provided. Follow me to see the tutorials details.

Step 1: Supplies Needed for the Earrings:

4mm HotPink Glass Pearl Beads Strands

4mm LightCyan Glass Pearl Beads Strands

4mm White 1Strand Glass Pearl Beads Strands

8mm White Glass Imitation Pearl Round Loose Beads

Brass Head pins

Golden Mix Iron Eye Pin

Silver Brass Jump Rings

19mm Golden Brass Earring Hooks

Steel DIY Jewelry Plier Sets

Step 2: Make the Basic Part of the Earrings

1st, ready for five open head pins and slide hotpink pearl beads and lightcyan pearl beads in the head pins in order, make one 12 beads string, two 11 bead strings and two 10 bead strings, each strand have only one lightcyan pearl bead, note the position of the lightcyan beads(as the picture shows);

2nd, make a hoop on the other end of the five head pins.

Step 3:

1st, connect all of the beaded head pins with one eye pin, and separate each column of beads with one 4mm white pearl bead;

2nd, make a loop on the end of the eye pin;

3rd, use one eye pin to string one 8mm white pearl bead and make a hoop on the other end of the eye pin;

4th, attach a open jump ring to the middle of the pin stringed white pearl beads, and connect the one 8mm pearl bead string with this jump ring, attach the earring hooks at the other end of the white pearl bead;

5th, repeat all the steps above to make the other earring to make a pair.

Step 4: Now, This Stylish Pink Pearl Earrings Have Been Finished:

This is easy, isn’t it? You can own a stylish pink pearl earrings with pearl beads made by yourself easily. A gorgeous earrings would make you more beautiful and special. If you want to own the earrings, just need to fellow the Beebeecraft Tutorials, and the Beebeecraft will continue to update! Follow the Beebeecraft to become a craftsmen and craftswomen!