Introduction: Beebeecraft Tutorials on Making Traditional Opera Style Bracelet

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Traditional, ethnic elements are always shining through time. Opera is such an element with Chinese characteristics. So, do you want to make a traditional opera style bracelet? Look at the picture, a beaded opera head is wrapped by golden wire. The golden wire increased the gorgeousness of the bracelet, and the beaded opera head make the bracelet unique. Going out or attending a party with such a bracelet will always give people a bright feeling. Hurry and learn to make such a bracelet with Beebeecraft.

Step 1: Supplies Needed for the Bracelet:

4x3mm Mixed Color Imitation Jade Beads

3mm Light Golden Plating Plastic Acrylic Beads

4mm White Glass Pearl Beads Strands

13.5x7mm Plastic Imitation Pearl Rice Beads

1.5mm Gold Aluminum Wire

Golden Iron Eye Pin

Golden Iron Jump Rings

Heart Brass & Alloy Lobster Claw Clasps

0.2mm Transparent Fishing Thread Nylon Wire

Steel DIY Jewelry Plier Sets

Step 2: Make the Opera Head of the Bracelet

1st, slide the plastic rice beads to the fishing wire, slide 5 pearl beads to another fishing wire;

2nd, put the two ends of the pearl beads string into the hole of the plastic rice beads;

3rd, using fishing wire to string 2 golden Acrylic beads above one pearl beads, and string one red jade beads above the two golden Acrylic beads;

4th, continue to add golden Acrylic beads and red jade beads above the pearl strings(as shown in the picture);

5th, make the eye pin through the plastic rice beads.

Step 3: Finish the Bracelet

1st, make a loop at the other side of the eye pin;

2nd, cut off a piece of aluminum wire, use the plier to wind the wire into the shape of the picture;

3rd, make 8 coils made above;

4th, using the jump ring to connect the coils and the opera head, and put the beaded head in the middle;

5th, add the lobster clasps of the bracelet.

Step 4: Now, This Opera Style Bracelet Have Been Finished:

Now I have finished making the opera style bracelets with beads and wire. It is so easy and everyone can try to make it by yourself. It is a suggested DIY project for both green hands and DIY jewelry lovers. Hope you like it.