Introduction: Beebeecraft Tutorials on Making a Pair of Heart Shaped Earrings With Suede Cord

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Summary: This is a super easy yet personalized jewelry making for you in your spare time. With jewelry string of a strip of soft suede cord, some jewelry making findings and two wide ribbon ends, you may finish them within one hour or less.

Suede cord jewelry is splendid jewelry idea for those girls who pursue simple and natural life style. Learn from this handmade pink suede cord earrings tutorial, create your own one and it will be a great match for dress and blouse items.

Step 1: Materials and Tools for Braided Bead Necklace:

Pandahall Elite 6x1.5mm Pink Faux Suede Cords

Silver Jewelry Basics Class Kit

Iron Earring Hooks

Pandahall Elite string materials 0.8mm Aluminum Wire

BENECREAT Long Nose Pliers

BENECREAT Side-Cutting Pliers

Step 2: Instructions on Making Suede Cord Earrings:

Step1: Take a strip of suede cord, double it twice, wrap the 0.8mm aluminum wire around the center for several times;

Step2: Turn the 2 cords outside to the direction as the picture and connect them with the ribbon end;

Step3: Open a jumpring and attach on your earring hook;

Step4: Do repeat the same processes for another piece of entire diy cord earrings.

Step 3: The Final Look of Suede Cord Earrings Are Like This:

Tada! You have made this suede cord earrings! While it only consists of suede cord and simple jewelry making materials, the gift receiver may wear it every now and then and each time that will remind him (or her) of you.