Beebeecraft Tutorials on Making a Wedding Headband With Pearl Beads and Crystal Glass Beads



Introduction: Beebeecraft Tutorials on Making a Wedding Headband With Pearl Beads and Crystal Glass Beads

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Summary: Have you ever DIY any wedding accessories? This is an easy Beebeecraft DIY project for pearl jewelry lovers and DIY green hands. I bet you’ll like the beautiful design!

If you are going to be a bride or you have a bride-to-be friend, you can make this elegant pearl bead headband for yourselves or as a wedding gift for her. It seems delicate yet it’s not so difficult to make. Follow my steps and try to make one!

Step 1: Jewelry Craft Supplies for Making the Beaded Headband:

6mm Clear Bicone crystal Glass Beads Strands

6mm Glass pearl beads strands

8mm Round Glass pearl beads Strand

0.3mm Silver Copper Jewelry Wire

5x1mm Platinum Iron Hair Band

Step 2: Step 1: Wrap the Iron Hair Band Findings

1st, wrap the copper wire around the hair band as the picture, then thread a round pearl bead onto a copper wire;

2nd, wrap another piece of copper wire around the hairband;

3rd, slide another four 6mm pearl beads on the left wire and three 6mm crystal bead on the right wire, then wrap the wire with the other wire together and tighten;

Step 3: Finish the Diy Wedding Headband

1st, continue to slide four 6mm white pearl beads and three crystal beads onto two piece of copper wires, and wrap the wire together and tighten;

2nd, repeat above procedures to make the rest flower patterns depending on your needs and finish the hairband.

Step 4: You Can See the Final White Pearl Wedding Headband:

Step 5: Another Picture:

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