Beech Log Transformed Into a Natural Edge Candle Holder by AMC77

Introduction: Beech Log Transformed Into a Natural Edge Candle Holder by AMC77

About: Custom made industrial / steampunk style lamps plus wood turning and other projects designed and created by AMC77.

In this instructable I take a scavenged beech log and turn it into one of a kind candle holder.
If you are thinking of getting into turning, I can't recommend it enough! I've only been turning approx six months and don't know why I hadn't started sooner!?
Hope you enjoy, because I know I did ;-)

Step 1: Cutting the Log to a Usable Size

I use a workmate with log clamping jaws to secure the log, then cut it to size with my electric chainsaw.

Step 2: To the Lathe

I mount the blank on the lathe using a spur drive and tailstock for maximum grip.

Step 3: Pecking Away.

The blank is obviously quite off balance at this stage, so I carefully peck away the waste wood

Step 4: Speeding Up

Now the blank is more balanced, I can speed up the lathe a little.

Step 5: Making Progress

Now the lathe is running faster I can achieve a better finish and get some proper shavings flying.

Step 6: Making a Tenon

I cut a tenon on the base to fit my chuck, I can now reverse the blank ready for shaping.

Step 7: Taking Shape

I'm not working to a design, I just remove any wood that doesn't look like a candle holder ;-)

Step 8: Finishing Cuts and More

Now that I'm happy with the shape I do some shear scraping to get the best surface finish I can. With that all done I apply ca (superglue) to the edge of the bark to make sure it stays intact, once dry I move onto sanding working my way through the grits.

Step 9: Hollowing.

Now I hollow out the centre, I keep the tailstock in place for as long as I can for extra support, being very careful not to chip away any bark from the rim!

Step 10: Finishing the Recess

Tailstock now out of the way to get the last little bit in the centre.
I use more ca glue on the inner edge of the bark so hopefully that's well secured and not going anywhere.

Step 11: Applying the Finish

I'm using antique pine Briwax, applied with the lathe off, then buffed with it running.

Step 12: Cleaning Up My Foot

Now I've got to reverse the candle holder to remove the tenon. To do this I use a skateboard wheel which just happens to fit perfectly in the recess! I take very light cuts now, because the piece is just jammed between the tailstock and chuck thus could easily go flying!

Step 13: Making My Mark

I'm happy with that! so this one gets my stamp on the bottom ;-)

Step 14: The Finished Piece.

Here is the video of me making my live edge beechwood candle holder,
Hope you enjoy.

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    3 years ago

    I love egg cups and have a tiny collection myself, thanks for sharing this project - lathe work is always so fun to read about.