Introduction: Beefed Up IPhone Cable

I may tend to be hard on things but some of these phone cables are junk. After I got sick of replacing them, I found a way to modify them so they hold up much better.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

To do this you will need some basic stuff:
1- phone cable
2- heat shrink tubing
3- pen spring or old bike cable or other tough flexible thing
4- scissors/ wire cutters
5- heat source (follow instructions on shrink tubing package)

Step 2: Strengthen

Remove and apply spring from pen or other stiffening agent. Place where you want it on the charger and make sure there are no sharp edges sticking out or in!

Step 3: Seal It

Apply heat shrink tubing. Be sure that it goes well beyond the spring/stiffener. If the tubing is a tight fit over the end use a straight pick or something to shove the cable through by punching on the cable end as pushing the cable with force is probably hard on the cable. Then when you have the shrink tubing in place heat it with the heat source to hold in place. Another layer of shrink tubing may be added to make it stronger but it's probably not required.