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For the planter challenge I designed this:

Beeplanterhotel .

It's sadly well known that the population of all kind of bees is decreasing rapidly :

as written on

--The worst negative impact on biodiversity is the disappearance of the bee.

“It should be noted that some areas have seen the disappearance of more than 85 per cent of the bee population,” the announcement said.

“Unfortunately, the lack of education and good management of any pesticides, and the lack of competent authorities, intensify this huge problem of the growing disappearance of the bee.

” This would mean that basic foods such as fruits, vegetables and herbs are endangered, as in the absence of bees there will be no pollination.

The root cause of the rapid disappearance of bees on a global scale is the misuse of pesticides and the gradual destruction of the planet.

At the end of the day, if no immediate action is taken, once again the state will come up with solutions which are too late and without meaning,” the association concluded.

Researchers have found that bees pollinate 70 per cent of the around 100 crop species that feed 90 per cent of the world’s population and honey bees are responsible for $30 billion in crops.--

I love bees and especially bumble bees so when I saw this challenge I directly thought I had to design a planter with room for bees to make their nests . so here it is in this instructable...

Step 1: The Beeplanterhotel

This is my design/instructable for the planterchallenge :

" the Beeplanterhotel "

Step 2: What You Need?

What do you need?

To make this Beeplanterhotel..

  • print one of the beeplanterhotel.stl files with your 3d printer
  • black soil for seeds or plants
  • bee frendly seeds or plants
  • watering can
  • sunny dry place to place or hang the Beeplanterhotel

Step 3: The Stl Files

This are the 3 stl files for the beeplanterhotel, one with holes on top to use the hotel also as a hanging basket, the second on without topholes to stand on your terrace, table or just outside in your garden and the third one is specially designed for ballustrade at balconies

Step 4: How to Make?

How to make this Beeplanterhotel...

  • print one of the the Beeplanterhotel.stl files with your 3d printer
  • scale the Beeplanterhotel up or down using Cura/your slicer program, to make the Beeplanterhotel as small or big as you want.
  • add some black soil into the pot
  • water your seeds/plant
  • place or hang the Beepotplanter on a sunny place where bees can find the flowers in a easy way
  • enjoy your flowers/plants and hopefully the bees will enter your hotel soon....

Step 5: Xtrazzzzzzzzzzz

This Beeplanterhotel is made to place on a table or terrace and can stand there on its feet, the pot has 3 small holes for to much rainwater to run out .

On the top side in the second design I made an upgrade with 3 holes where some strings of rope or small chains can be put in , for the ropeway I will design some hooks to knot the rope to ( see the photo for the idea) This makes it possible to make a hanging basket from the Beeplanterhotel.

For the balcony i will design a Beeplanterhotel like the second picture, now finished see the beeplanterhotelbalcony.stl file

Step 6: Education

Let kids at school or your kids paint the beeplanterhotel with acrylic paint, and let them plant the seeds/flowers.

In the meanwhile tell them about how important bees are for us humans and why it's nessacary to help them

Would be a nice way to educate, learn ,and be creative about bees and to use the beeplanterhotel with that.

Later on when the bees take place in the hotel, there's a lot to tell and teach them again....

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