Introduction: Beer Advent Calendar (Beervent Calendar)

I was searching for a holiday tradition that my husband would actually get excited about.  I was about to give up, until I realized that the one thing that REALLY excites him is BEER.  Thus, the Beervent Calendar was born.  Now he gets to unwrap a different microbrew each day leading up to Christmas.

Step 1: Materials

24 bottles or cans of beer - For me, it was important to have 24 different microbrews, but you could pick up a case of one particular beer instead

Wrapping paper or construction paper

Sharpies or paint markers

Tape and/or glue

Step 2: Decorate Beer Bottles

I cut wrapping paper in 4"x8" pieces to wrap around the beer bottles.  That size is perfect for standard beer bottles.  It is slightly too short for cans so I would recommend 4"x9" pieces for cans.

I printed numbers for each day of December until Christmas.

I used silver, gold and black paint pens to cover the bottle caps and neck label.

Step 3: Decorate Boxes

I was able to get white 6-pack carriers so decorating was really easy with ribbon.  However, I've also seen 6-pack carriers covered in decorative paper that look great.  That was just too much work for me!

I covered a larger box in wrapping paper for all the 6-packs to be stored in.  I figure one 6-pack will go in the fridge at a time.

Step 4: Be Merry!

Wait for December 1st to enjoy the first beer! (Picture coming soon).